1 Lakh Free Electricity Connections to Farmers, Historic Record Set by TN Government


Free power supply for farmers

Chief Minister MK Stalin said on Saturday that the Tamil Nadu government had set a record by providing one lakh of free electricity connections to farmers in less than a year and guaranteeing the participation of an equal number of ryots in improving the state’s agricultural prospects.

He described it as “a very big achievement” in such a short time, saying it far surpassed the AIADMK’s decade rule. “This was made possible through the efforts of Minister of Electricity V Senthil Balaji, officials and staff of TANGEDCO (public electricity company) and farmers,” the chief minister remarked during a video conference. with them.

“When Energy Minister V Senthil Balaji offered to provide one lakh of free power connections to farmers within a year, many wondered if the goal could be achieved. Even I had my doubts. However, the minister has demonstrated that he is capable of achieving the goal,” said CM.

He launched the initiative on September 23 last year, after saying it would provide a lakh of new connections to farmers. That day, he gave punishment orders to ten farmers. In less than a year, the government had achieved the goal. “Not only will the action benefit one million farming households, but it would also contribute to agrarian development. The achievement is huge when considered in this way,” Stalin said.

Farmers had to pay for the electricity they used until 1990. At that time there were 12,09,543 connections. Mr Karunanidhi, the former chief minister, said he would provide free electricity connections to farmers to increase agricultural production and promote farmers’ welfare. Between 2001 and 2006, the government gave about 1,62,479 connections. However, the then DMK government provided 2,09,910 connections between 2006 and 2011, with 77,158 connections granted to farmers in the fiscal year 2010-2011 alone, according to the chief minister.

However, during its ten years at the helm, the AIADMK administration managed to secure only 221,579 connections between 2011 and 21. “That is, only 22,100 connections were established per year in average. Those who applied did not receive any new connections “Stalin mentioned.

“Launching a program is no feat, but ensuring that the benefits reach the intended beneficiaries in the east. Despite the epidemic and the difficulties of the northeast monsoon, the links were operational in March,” said he declared.

As a result, the number of farmers benefiting from free electricity connections increased from 21.80 lakhs to 22.80 lakhs, bringing the total cultivated area to 2,13,107 acres, he said.


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