12-hour power supply, supply to MSP: Kejriwal tells farmers


The purchase of crops at the minimum support price (MSP), 12 hours of electricity during the day and Narmada water to every farmer in the project command area were among the five major promises made by the Chief Minister of Delhi and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national leader Arvind. Kejriwal to farmers in Gujarat on Friday ahead of Assembly elections scheduled for December.

Kejriwal also added that if the AAP wins the Assembly elections, it will also give up agricultural loans.

Delhi CM was addressing a large public meeting at the grounds of NDH High School in Dwarka town of Devbhumi Dwarka district.

He said that if elected to power, the AAP government would start buying farmers’ produce at the MSP set by the government with wheat, rice, cotton, gram and groundnut.

“The government declares MSP every season for every year. However, procurement under the MSP does not occur. In the market, no one buys crops from the MSP. If a farmer wants to sell his crop to the MSP, the government will buy it. We will start with five crops and increase the number of crops each year. You go to the government counter in Mandi and the government will buy all your crop from the MSP,” Kejriwal told the farmers.

Further, he said that the AAP government will provide power to the farmers for 12 hours a day during the day and that the surveying by the state government via satellite will be canceled and a new survey will be carried out. .

Kejriwal claimed that farmers in Gujarat were supplied with electricity at night.

“Today, farmers have electricity at night. They are fed at 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. Paatil sahab is powered 24 hours a day. CM sahab is fed 24 hours a day. But farmers get it at 2 o’clock. It is an injustice. We will give the farmers electricity during the day, for 12 hours, so that they can do their jobs,” the Delhi CM said.

As a fourth guarantee, Kejriwal said that just like in Delhi, they will pay compensation to farmers of Rs 20,000 per acre in case of crop loss due to natural disasters.

Kejriwal also pledged that the government within a year of taking over Gandhinagar would bring the waters of the Narmada to every corner of the command area of ​​the Narmada dam project.

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Since 2016-2017, the central government regularly purchases groundnuts and chickpeas from farmers in Gujarat at the MSP, while occasionally purchasing cotton through the Cotton Corporation of India. The government has also purchased Rabi crops like wheat, mustard, tur (red gram or pigeon pea).

Kejriwal’s pledges came a day after Gujarat Agriculture Minister Raghavji Patel told Jamnagar that the government had bought crops worth Rs 3,500 crore from MSP last year.


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