2.04 lakh of young trees to be distributed to farmers under the new agroforestry program


The Ministry of Agriculture is planning to distribute around 2.04 lakh of saplings to farmers in Tiruchi district as part of the Tamil Nadu Mission on Sustainable Green Coverage of Agricultural Land, a new agroforestry program launched by the government. state in 2021.

The Department has started distributing saplings to farmers and around 70,000 saplings have already been distributed to date. The remaining saplings are ready for distribution to the Forest Department Extension Center nursery in PK Agaram, an Agriculture Department official said. The department was keen to distribute the saplings quickly so that the farmers could plant them now taking advantage of the monsoon / farming season.

As part of this initiative, farmers received 50 saplings per acre for border planting and 160 saplings for low intensity planting. “Farmers are advised to grow saplings as a border crop if they grow crops such as rice. Low density plantings can be used by farmers cultivating horticultural and floricultural crops. In such crops, young trees can be planted and raised as intercropping, ”explained a department official.

Young trees of high wood value species such as teak, red sandalwood, mahogany, vembu and pungan were distributed to farmers under the program. In Tiruchi district, young teak trees are distributed mainly to beneficiary farmers. Teak is losing its leaves and will not compete with the main crop, the official said explaining the preference for teak.

Farmers get the saplings for free and are also eligible to receive 7 yen per sapling per year in the second and third years of its growth.

Farmers who wish to avail the program can apply through the Uzhavan app and register their name, phone number, survey number and other relevant details. Agricultural officers will contact the applicant and visit their field for verification by taking photos of the field and uploading them online along with the chitta, Aadhaar details and bank account passbooks. “Farmers can still apply and benefit from the program,” the officer said.

Earlier this week, the co-director of agriculture, Mr Murugesan, handed them over to a few farmers in the Lalgudi block at the PK Agaram nursery in the Forestry Department. Fourteen farmers in the block received 565 teak plants, 321 red sandalwood plants and 50 mahogany plants. R. Sukumar, deputy director of agriculture, Lalgudi, V. Suganya, responsible for agriculture, and other officials were present.


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