37th Annual Cantaloupe Festival in Fallon | Economy


37e The annual Cantaloupe Festival has returned to Fallon for the weekend.

The Cantaloupe Festival has a little something for everyone, but the main focus is the celebration of Nevada agriculture and even though it’s called the Cantaloupe Festival, you’ll find all kinds of farmer-fresh produce. .

Adrienne Snow, Executive Director of the Fallon Cantaloupe Festival, explains, “The cantaloupe is a symbol of Nevada agriculture, so what we’re doing is celebrating all of the different types of agriculture that we have in Nevada. Some farmers agree that Fallon is known for its wonderful tasting cantaloupes. Snow adds “This is the largest number of farmers we have ever had, we have beef vendors, lavender vendors, vegetable growers, cheese vendors and dairy farmers, so we have a range things to see.” Farmers say the festival is a great way for them to come together and learn about the process of growing each other’s produce. officials also tell us it’s a great way to showcase all the different products farmers have to offer. Snow adds, “When you can meet a farmer directly and learn how to buy directly from them, they earn more for the product they’ve worked so hard in and you get a better product. It’s cooler, the timeline is much shorter, so it works for everyone.

Economically, officials say it’s a great opportunity for farmers to earn a little extra money for their hard work and dedication to producing farm-to-table items.

Snow says, “I think as we’ve changed, we’re looking for new ways to buy our products, not the traditional way, and we’re just looking for ways to connect with the source we’re looking for. It’s a great opportunity to meet these people and go to the region.

Farmers say they see regulars and new people every year, broadening their reach in the community.

Samantha Allison, the owner of Lux Lavender, mentions “Some people come for the carnival or the concert, but as they walk they see what we hardworking farmers do all day.” Snow says, “As we grow, we’d like more people to participate in this so they can learn more about Nevada agriculture.”


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