4 Effective Ways to Build Your Dental Practice’s Instagram Presence


Instagram is a great place to tell your story and visually document your dental practice. While there are plenty of “tutorials” and workshops on how to use Instagram, many of the simplest and most basic endeavors can have a great return on investment. Use your location to your advantage. Surpass your competition by doing something different. Use your region to your maximum advantage.

I know a lot of dental practices have questions about how to grow their Instagram following. Here are four of the most effective ways I’ve seen to connect your community to your brand on Instagram.

To be involved

Instagram is a community. You want your practice to be seen as an important part of your local community, so you should also want to provide value to the Instagram community. Posting content regularly is not the key to success. Just like in the real world, relationships are everything. Engage in conversations with local brands and even your competitors. Interact with the content they create and interact with users on their profiles. Like the posts. Comment. “Converse.” To ask questions. Praise good content. It’s a great way to connect and show people that your profile is more than just a “noise maker” for your business – it will show that you are truly connected and care about the opinions and experiences of those around you.

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Repost and promote local content, even if it has nothing to do with you. Upcoming farmer’s market? A local church having a pancake breakfast? Take a screenshot, add it to your stories, and tag all of your local peers in the post. The creator will love it when you share their content and their followers will take notice. Think of yourself as a neighbor instead of just an aftermarket business. Plus, by supporting others, you can avoid having to create a lot of original content. Use their content to indirectly promote yourself. Try it!

Show off your patients’ local lifestyles and landmarks

One of the biggest draws of a dental practice is the social proof that your existing patients are recommending you, leaving reviews, and providing testimonials. If you can show how your community, patient lifestyles, and daily routines are positively affected by your practice, you will connect in powerful ways. Take it a step further by documenting these patient stories at popular locations, local landmarks, restaurants, and more. Not only are the locations known to others, but the added layer of local landmarks also makes it easier for patients to identify and imagine their life and future smile.

Tag and hashtag locally

Hashtags are very similar to keywords. You want people to find your posts. Use local hashtags and use location markup to help users find your page. If you create a post, don’t just use #dentistry. Use your location—imagine #HoustonDentistry instead. It’s much more powerful and will direct your immediate audience to you as a local service provider.

Trends Mean Views

Trending topics and holidays are a great roadmap for your content generation ideas. Besides major holidays, you can always find popular topics that will appeal to your local market. By following local businesses, politicians, influencers, and business leaders, you should always have an idea of ​​what’s going on. Following your local chamber of commerce is also a great idea. Try to avoid negative topics and avoid controversial topics. Keep it light, fun and funny. Remember you are a dentist, so over half the country is scared or scared of you. Keep your pages accessible and engaging for everyone.

By following these tips, you can up your Instagram game really fast! Remember, authenticity is everything. Don’t give your Instagram to become a generic noise cover factory. Post less frequently, but increase the value and authenticity of your content. Less is, indeed, more.


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