A policy of good agricultural practices must be implemented: Razzaque


Minister of Agriculture Muhammad Abdur Razzaque. Photo file


Minister of Agriculture Muhammad Abdur Razzaque. Photo file

The Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) policy must be implemented quickly to increase exports of agricultural products, Agriculture Minister Muhammad Abdur Razzaque said today.

The minister said the government has already taken many measures to increase exports of agricultural products. The formulation of the “Policy of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) 2020” is one of the major steps, he said.

“This APM must be implemented quickly across the country,” the minister said in a virtual address at a meeting of the Steering Committee for the Implementation of the APM Policy.

Razzaque, also a member of the Awami League presidium, said that to this end, officials, farmers, exporters and other stakeholders should be involved and trained.

For now, pilot or experimental implementation work should be initiated as a priority in areas from which vegetables and fruits are most likely to be exported, he added.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), GAP is a “set of principles to be applied to on-farm production and post-production processes, resulting in agricultural and non-agricultural products. safe and healthy food, while taking into account economic aspects, social and environmental sustainability “.

Stressing the need to implement GAP policy, Agriculture Secretary Md Saidul Islam, who chaired the meeting, said that to make agriculture profitable, agricultural products must be export oriented.

“GAP must be respected to enter the international agricultural products market. With this in mind, we are working hard to implement this policy. Implementation work is underway. “

At the meeting, relevant officials highlighted the progress in implementing the policy.

They indicated that the responsibility for the implementation of this policy has already been delegated to the institutional level by formulating an action plan with deadlines. The Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC) has been appointed the owner of the program.

In addition, a steering committee, a technical committee and a certification committee made up of various stakeholders have been set up to manage the APM policy.

Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Md Abdur Rauf, Kamala Ranjan Das, Md Ruhul Amin Talukder, Hasanuzzaman Kallol, Abdullah Sajjad NDC, President of BARC, Shaikh Mohammad Bokhtiar, Director General of the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), Md Benojir Alam, other heads of organizations and members of the steering committee were present at the meeting.


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