Affordable precision farming systems seamlessly connect fieldwork


Precision farming is no longer a trend, but a necessity in modern agribusiness. Nowadays, to be competitive, it is not enough to cultivate and harvest the crop, but it is necessary to obtain it with the lowest costs and losses.

The constant increase in the prices of seeds, fertilizers and agrochemicals obliges the farmer to use them efficiently and to control them.

Precision farming technologies have been developed to be game changers in the tillage market. Their use reduces the cost of fuel, fertilizers and herbicides by an average of 10 to 15%. Controlling the tillage of each square meter of the field greatly increases the efficiency of the use of agricultural machinery and labor productivity.

It is known that parallel drive systems as part of precision farming technology significantly increase the efficiency of field treatment.

Traditionally in agribusiness, this is how carrying out field work and managing it are two interdependent processes, but in practice do not interact with each other. Farmers use a limited set of functions, for example, only parallel driving and only assess the current situation in the field. Forecast, work schedule, work history, etc. – these works are not carried out or are kept in a separate system, which greatly reduces the efficiency of agribusiness.

Geotrack parallel driving systems are among the few that seamlessly connect agricultural navigation and Agroprofile’s online agricultural management platform into a single system with real-time, two-way data exchange. This makes them radically different from other agricultural navigation systems and offers the greatest savings for the farmer.

Geotrack is a new brand of parallel driving systems for the African market and comes from Geometer International LLC.

How it works

To carry out field work, the tractor driver only needs to enter information about the agricultural equipment with which he will work the soil on his Geotrack device. The program will automatically calculate the correct trajectory through the field, taking into account the set working width of the trailed unit and the entered deviation sensitivity.

On the other hand, the farmer creates an account on the online analysis platform Agroprofile. The platform communicates in real time via API with each guidance system working in the field, and each navigator sends information about the current operation back to the platform server and displays it on a computer, tablet or smartphone screen. .

The farmer can create his fields (mark them on the map or import them from the guidance system), display them on Google maps, see the weather of each field, plan the works and resources, and store the work history made per season.

To control personnel and labor management, the farmer can create employee accounts with limited or full access to data.

Information output is available in the form of various reports for the whole farm or each field separately.

What are Geotrack parallel driving systems

Geotrack agricultural guidance systems are a carefully selected combination of a GNSS/RTK device and the proprietary Geotrack EVO software in API interaction with the Agroprofile online platform.

Thanks to flexible equipment, the Geotrack navigation line occupies the niche of affordable professional agricultural navigators in the middle price range and budget systems up to 1000 USD with professional features.

Geotrack Explorer Plus:

Professional agricultural navigation system for all combination tractors and self-propelled agricultural machines. They were equipped with a modern GM SMART GNSS/RTK receiver, which works simultaneously with GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU and QZSS satellite systems. The farmer will always have enough satellites for uninterrupted field work, even in remote rural or mountainous areas where signal strength is weak. The average number of satellites in working mode is more than 35.

The Geotrack Explorer Plus incorporates EVOLUTION Series software for 15cm parallel steering accuracy pass-to-pass and the ability to improve accuracy to 1-3cm when connected to RTK.

The Geotrack Explorer Plus 7″ display is sealed, shockproof, and protected against dust and moisture.

Geotrack Lite:

The best parallel drive system in the sub-$1000 price range with professional features.

Based on Samsung 8.7″ screen, Geotrack EVOLUTION parallel driving software and GM SMART GNSS receiver.

The GM SMART receiver has a special smoothing filter designed for agricultural use. The smoothing filter ensures high parallel driving precision. The receiver has 335 channels for all satellite systems: GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU, QZSS and SBAS. Provides parallel steering precision at the level of 15cm from pass to pass.

Geotrack system manufacturer company information

Geometer International is a European manufacturer that has been developing high-tech GNSS/RTK devices and software since 2009 for precision agriculture, surveying, urban and infrastructure scanning, forestry, construction and other industries requiring high-precision satellite positioning since 2009. GNSS/RTK devices under the Geotrack and Geometer brands are used by farmers and engineers in over 33 countries. Today, the company is increasing its expansion into the African agricultural market with its affordable Geotrack-branded multi-function parallel drive systems.

Geotrack product technical support

Geometer International provides technical assistance to farmers using Geotrack products worldwide. Potential customers can get more information at Before contacting a technician via the contact form on the website, WhatsApp or by e-mail, customers can view the numerous videos, instructions and technical documentation on Geotrack instruments available on the website.


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