African Swine Fever: Farm owner wants Kerala government to wait and watch before slaughtering pigs


Wayanad, July 24: With the slaughter of over 300 pigs due to start from Sunday in Wayanad, Kerala, following reports of African swine fever reported at two farms here, a farmer believed to be affected by the government’s decision has opposed to this decision.

One of the farmers, where some pigs have tested positive for the disease, said the allegedly infected animals appeared safe and sound in recent days and therefore authorities should wait a few more days before proceeding with the investigation. animal slaughter.

However, in another farm where the disease was detected, more than 40 pigs are believed to have died. The owner of the farm where some pigs tested positive for the disease told a TV station there were 360 ​​pigs there and he couldn’t believe any of them were infected. Kerala: The Animal Husbandry Department will cull about 300 pigs in Wayanad to stop the spread of ‘African Swine Fever’.

He said the pigs that tested positive were healthy and showed no signs of the disease and therefore he believes that a lobby is behind the whole incident. A representative of a farmers’ association in Wayanad district told a TV station that since the pigs that tested positive are still healthy, the authorities might have to wait a few more days before carrying out the slaughter. .

He also indicated that a step in this direction has been made with the authorities.

Kerala Livestock Minister J Chinchu Rani had confirmed the infection in the state on Friday and ordered pig farms to strictly implement the biosecurity and waste disposal mechanism under the plan. action against swine fever.

African swine fever has been reported from two farms in Mananthavady area of ​​Wayanad district in Kerala. The disease was confirmed in pigs from both farms after the samples were tested at the National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases in Bhopal. Kerala: The Animal Husbandry Department will cull about 300 pigs in Wayanad to stop the spread of ‘African Swine Fever’.

In accordance with the test results, the state government had extended the ban on the interstate sale and transportation of pigs and pork products.

Kerala had earlier this month tightened biosecurity measures following an alert from the Center that African swine fever had been reported in Bihar and a few northeastern states.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), African swine fever is a highly contagious and fatal viral disease of domestic pigs. It was first detected in Kenya, East Africa, in 1921 as a disease that killed settler pigs. Contact with warthogs has been shown to be an important factor in virus transmission.

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