Agri Minister clarifies conditions for compensating farmers for crop damage


Agriculture Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage today released a clarification regarding the government’s plans to compensate the country’s farmers for damage to crops.

Responding to reporters’ questions about it, he said compensation will only be paid after observing and verifying that farmers have used organic fertilizers provided by the government.

He said that the government initially provided the farmers with solid organic fertilizers, then they were given liquid biofertilizer, potassium chloride, and now nano nitrogen is being distributed.

The Minister of Agriculture reiterated that compensation will only be given to farmers who have used all four types of fertilizer.

“We will only give compensation if the farmer suffered a drop in production after using all four fertilizers,” he said, adding that “a government cannot give compensation if the farmer waits. just open mouth without using any. “

Responding to a question regarding the president’s recent comments on the lack of support from other institutions for the green agriculture project, the minister said he even agreed that support from officials in his ministry was not enough.

He said it was unfortunate that not everyone, including the media, spoke on the “good side” of the green agriculture program and that neither the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of the Environment nor the government does speak of the good that will flow from it.

“Why don’t we talk about the good? Why don’t any of us talk about the locals losing their kidneys, the cancers being caused in the land, the people being fed on poison? “

He said everyone has stood up for chemical fertilizer companies for the past 07 months and no one has spoken of the “good side” of this program.


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