Agrotools farms for M&A with new $21M funding round – TechCrunch


Agrotools, a Brazilian agribusiness technology and intelligence company, raised $21 million (BRL 100 million) to value the business at around $94 million, according to the company.

Investors in the round include Horácio Lafer Piva (Klabin), Pedro Paulo Campos (JP Morgan, Pátria and Arsenal), Fátima Marques (Hay Group/Korn Ferry), Paulo Hegler (Toledo), Olivier Murguet (Nissan-Renault), KPTL and FIP Inovabra and Ronaldo Galvani Jr.

Agrotools provides remote analytics to agriculture clients for the management of operational risks and opportunities, focused on rural territories. This includes analyzing over 1,300 layers of data from multiple sources to provide insight into what is happening with suppliers and customers in a certain rural territory to ensure competition and compliance with environmental factors, social and governance. Its offerings include the provision of financial resources and rural insurance for the purchase of raw materials and the sale of inputs, capital markets and retail.

The Brazilian agricultural sector is a $24 billion industry and Agrotools said it has analyzed more than 4.5 million rural territories to date and monitors more than $3 billion worth of products through its platform. It also has more than $10 billion in rural finance portfolios backed by at least one of its offerings and about $20 billion in agribusiness operations monitored.

Sergio Rocha, CEO of Agrotools, said by email that the company had grown 16 times over the past six years, including tripling its size during the pandemic. The funding will be deployed in areas such as the expansion of its business in the United States, Latin America and other regions and technological development such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, gamification, democratization of technology and satellite data sources.

It will also be used for strategic partnerships and acquisitions. The company has already partnered with geospatial services firm ESRI, said Rafael Gomes, COO of Agrotools.

“My dream, since the start of Agrotools, has been to change global agribusiness, bringing efficiency and true sustainability to it,” Rocha said. “In short, we want to meet the Earth’s needs to overcome the climate and food crises, using cutting-edge technologies. In this vision, we have just acquired an Argentinian digital platform to support rural producers’ weather risk management and business risk assessment. »


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