Alabama plaintiff added to right to repair lawsuit filed in Illinois court


In a June 2 statement to DTN, Deere said that for more than 180 years the company has “allowed” customers to service and repair their own equipment.

“That’s why we provide tools, parts, training videos, manuals and remote access for customers to work on their machines,” the company said.

“John Deere equipment is manufactured to the highest engineering standards to optimize performance while protecting the safety and health of our customers and the environment. While we support customers’ right to maintain and repair their products, we do not support customers modifying on-board software due to safety risks, emissions compliance and the uncertainty this creates in the aftermarket.”

Deere said it already offers a variety of tools to farmers to help maintain and repair their equipment. This includes access to repair manuals, Customer Service ADVISOR, a diagnostic and information tool that customers and independent repair shops can purchase from dealers or online directly from John Deere from May 2022.

Additionally, the company said it provides JDLink, which connects a machine’s information to the web and can alert customers to issues as they develop and provide other useful information such as location and the statute.

Deere said it also provides Connected Support, which allows dealers to remotely scan, erase and update diagnostic trouble codes in “near real time” to isolate potential problems with machines. of a customer.

The right to repair has increasingly become an issue in agriculture and other industries, with state legislatures introducing bills in at least 32 states, including bills in 21 states in 2021. A bill failed to pass the Nebraska Legislature earlier this year.

In September 2018, the Equipment Dealers Association, a trade and lobbying group that represents John Deere and other manufacturers, pledged to make repair tools, software and diagnostics available to the public by on January 1, 2021.

In March 2022, Deere announced the May release of “Customer Service ADVISOR”, the tool which was to be released in January 2021.

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