Amish farmer

Pursue an Amish farmer whose successful pursuit in life is to harvest food. Work with me here, listen to this clip from the Tucker Carlson Show. Speaker2: The US Marshal Service recently raided Amos Miller’s organic and holistic farm, demanding he cease operations and fining him $300,000, economically crippling the man. And what happens is that the armed federal agents demand that he stop food production because of the meat. And you make him say, well, you know what, I want to keep cultivating. So you have this back and forth between the giant empire of the US federal government and this tiny little farm in Burton, Pennsylvania. Speaker3: So they went after Jim’s organic farmers and churches. So maybe they are against anything healthy and uplifting that makes you stronger and healthier and in favor of anything that diminishes you and makes you more dependent. Speaker2: And another thing the community is saying is they’re coming after Amos to lead by example. They are going after a successful, independent farmer who cuts out government middlemen and provides food directly to his community and people. One more thing I’ll add, Amos, this farm doesn’t use gasoline or fertilizer. Speaker1: Here’s the part I loved. Speaker3: Maybe if he promises to put more chemicals in milk that will make kids trans, that’s absolutely gorgeous. Speaker1: So the government is eliminating a simple Amish farmer. Because I leave it up to you, the listeners, to fill in the blank.


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