AP online survey to extend cheaper energy to aquaculture farmers


VIJAYAWADA: The government of Andhra Pradesh will soon undertake an electronic fish survey to identify aquaculturists who can benefit from a preferential electricity tariff in the state.

The survey will identify farmers with tanks less than or greater than five acres of land located in aquatic or non-aquatic areas. According to the eligibility criteria to receive a preferential rate, an aquaculturist must have a tank spread over less than five acres of land located in an aquatic area. She or he will then be able to get subsidized electricity at ₹1.50 per unit.

In case the farmer has a tank spread over more than five acres of land in water or non-water area, he will get subsidized electricity for ₹3.85 per unit. This rate is against the tariff of ₹6.89 per unit set by the Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC).

This means that aquaculture farmers with tanks in land less than five acres located in the aquatic area will get an electricity tariff concession of ₹5.39 per unit. Those who have reservoirs on more than five acres of land located in water and non-water areas will receive an electricity tariff concession of ₹3.04 per unit.

However, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in a public meeting held at Ganapavaram in Eluru district on May 16 had announced the boon of giving subsidized electricity at ₹1.50 per unit to aquaculturists, even if they have tanks spread over 10 acres. land located in an aquatic area. However, a government decree has not yet been issued for the implementation of this promise.

In the meantime, AP has become the first state in the nation to develop an e-fish app with details of all aquaculturists raising both fish and shrimp, as well as their tank sizes and also their locations. The survey aims to provide subsidized electricity at ₹1.50 per unit to eligible aquaculturists in the state.

However, as APERC has raised the electricity price to ₹6.89 per unit, the state government intends to categorize farmers as those who have reservoirs in less than five acres and those who have tanks in more than five acres to avoid additional financial burden. 63,800 electrical connections for aquaculture currently exist in the PA. The e-fish survey will discover farmers who have more than one electrical connection or who have committed such an irregularity.

The e-fish survey has been carried out for 40,000 electrical connections to date. The remaining connections will be inspected by the end of June.

Joint Director of Fisheries (Aquaculture), Dr Sankara Rao, said: “We call on all aquaculturists to register for the ongoing e-fish survey and submit full details to qualify for the preferential e-fish rate. ‘electricity. We also advise them not to panic in case their electricity bill is inflated for any reason, as it will be adjusted in next month’s bill.


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