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QUETTA – The government of Balochistan has launched work on an agricultural transmission plan to convert traditional techniques into a climate-smart approach for sustainable food production.

Agriculture Minister Mir Asadullah Baloch said on Wednesday that the government has made every effort to ensure food security by increasing agricultural production in the region.

The minister said the government is ready to launch the Kissan Cards scheme to provide maximum relief to farmers in the province.

The Balochistan government initially allocated 100 million rupees for registration and issuing Kissan cards to farmers, he said in a media interview. Under the Kissan card, the minister said, farmers could benefit from subsidies on fertilizers, seeds and agricultural equipment.

Through this initiative, he added, the government would provide financial assistance to farmers, which would help increase crop yields as well as the development of the agricultural sector in the province. Mir Asadullah Baloch said the government will continue with its pro-farmer measures.

Agriculture minister says government will ensure food security by increasing agricultural production in the region

It has already taken multiple initiatives, including providing certified seeds to farmers and conducting research in the sector to increase agricultural production, he added.

The minister claimed that the province only received 50% of its urea fertilizer quota. Farmers already affected by a drought situation in the province due to the lack of rainfall are now facing the fertilizer crisis, he added.

About 70% of the province’s population, he said, depended on agriculture and the shortage of fertilizer would hit them hard.


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