Bayer’s new ForGround program helps farmers develop sustainable agriculture and generate additional income


Over the past two years, the company has been talking with farmers about the next steps needed to help more growers transition to regenerative (sustainable) farming practices. These conversations weren’t limited to producers, he added.

“Many companies have committed to certain sustainability goals to limit their environmental footprint and contribute to the development of more regenerative agriculture.” Bastos said one of ForGround’s main goals is to help connect farmers and businesses so they can collaborate to advance their sustainability and carbon goals.

The challenge is that farmers and businesses “have completely different realities” in their journey towards sustainability, Bastos explained. Some farmers, for example, are early adopters who have practiced no-till and/or cover crops for many years. Others are considering or have tried to implement some of these practices. And some are still on the sidelines. Companies also have different strategies and approaches in their sustainability commitments as well as in their levels of achievement.

Through ForGround, the platform “opens up the possibility of accelerating progress,” Bastos said, as Bayer meets producers with different realities and companies looking for multiple ways to achieve sustainable goals where they are. in their journey.

Bastos stressed that working together will help farmers leave better land than they found for future generations, a legacy that growers have repeatedly told him is important to them. Transitioning to regenerative agriculture will also help improve soil health and water holding capacity/water availability, reduce soil erosion, improve resistance to weather and other potential benefits.


ForGround will offer these benefits to participating growers:

— Library of resources and transition support, agronomic advice from leading experts, field studies/trials and network of farmers and specialists.

— Discounts and/or account credits from Orthman, ETS Soil Warrior and La Crosse Seed. Other companies are expected to be announced soon.

— Free subscription to Climate FieldView Plus and easy access to Climate FieldView Data Manager Beta.

— As part of ForGround, the Bayer Carbon program will offer new potential revenue streams of up to $12 per acre for adopting certain practices. Producers who have used these practices in the past may be eligible for a historical practice payment on these existing acres based on certain criteria. Additionally, Bayer’s recently increased investment in CoverCress, a renewable oilseed and forage crop that can be planted as a winter cover crop, could open up additional revenue streams for growers.

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