BKU (Krantikari) congratulates its members, SKM rejects the blame


A day after a breach in the security of the Prime Minister’s convoy in Ferozepur, SKM and BKU (Krantikari), accused of blocking the road the Prime Minister was traveling on, evaded responsibility for the incident.

While BKU (Krantikari) “congratulated” all its members, the SKM accused the prime minister of trying to “slander both the state of Punjab and the farmers’ movement”.

BKU (Krantikari) is headed by Surjit Singh Phool, resident of Rampura region Phul of Bathinda is the president of this union, while Baldev Zira, resident of Zira constituency of Ferozepur district is the general secretary of the association . The phone numbers of the two leaders of the farmers’ unions were cut Thursday.

Phool, however, released a video statement the evening in which he said: “All union members are to be congratulated… when we were going to Delhi the BJP had dug roads, used water cannons on us… them. same BJP workers were forced to walk on muddy roads to reach the rally sites .. they must have felt a bit of what we experienced at the borders.

After the violence of January 26 last year, the SKM suspended BKU (Krantikari) and that suspension was revoked almost a month later on February 26.

Phool, along with his supporters, had gone to the outer ring road against the route planned by SKM. Sources said that SKM and the Krantikari Group have had differences of opinion on several occasions.
On Thursday, however, the SKM appeared to support them.

In a statement, the Farmer Union Coordination Group said: “On receiving the news of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s proposed visit to Punjab on January 5, 10 farmer organizations affiliated with Samyukta Kisan Morcha announced a protest. symbolic… There was no program to stop the Prime Minister’s visit or to hinder his program.

The statement added: “In accordance with the predetermined schedule, peaceful protests took place in every district and tehsil headquarters in Punjab on January 5. When some farmers were prevented by the police administration from going to the Ferozepur district headquarters, they protested by sitting on the road in many places. Among these was also this overflight of Pyarayana where the Prime Minister’s convoy came, stopped and left. The farmers protesting there had no concrete information on the passage of the Prime Minister’s convoy. They got this information from the media after the Prime Minister returned.

The statement claimed that “it is clear from the video of the occasion that the protesting farmers did not even make any effort to move towards the Prime Minister’s convoy. Consequently, the threat against the life of the Prime Minister seems completely concocted ”.

“It is a matter of great regret that in order to cover up the failure of his rally, the Prime Minister attempted to slander both the state of Punjab and the farmers’ movement using the pretext that his life was saved.” , did he declare.

Meanwhile, another farmers’ union, BKU (Dakaunda) said it was not fair to block PM’s road.
“The whole incident is political gimmicks from Congress and the BJP in terms of a blame game,” said Jagmohan Singh Patiala, BKU (Dakaunda) general secretary.

He added: “We welcome the protests of the Prime Minister’s farmers unions, but we believe the cavalcade should have been ceded. We have the right to demonstrate and a peaceful manner should always be followed without any confrontation. ”


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