Bushel says more options are now available to agricultural producers with the FarmLogs platform – Grand Forks Herald


FARGO, ND • Bushel, a software company focused on building digital infrastructure for the grain industry, says its FarmLogs platform now offers Climate FieldView integration to reduce manual data entry for farming operations.

In a press release, the company said growers now have the ability to connect their FieldView account to automatically create activities in FarmLogs. This new capability enables the seamless transfer of fieldwork captured by the Climate FieldViewTM Reader and other methods supported by FieldView.

Connecting can reduce time spent on data entry, maintain accurate records across all systems, automatically calculate cost of production, and more easily determine farm profit and loss down to the acre.

“We seek platform agreements that bring value to our farmer customers and make it easier for them to connect to the tools they choose to use,” said Brandon Rinkenberger, Chief Client Officer for Climate LLC and Digital Farming at Bayer, in the prepared statement.

“We also listen to customer feedback, and this connection to the platform provides a new solution for FieldView users who want easier access to profit and loss information in their fields.”

For FarmLogs Business Plan subscribers, machine data integrations are available at no additional cost. This integration allows transferring data from FieldView to FarmLogs.

Once logged in, subscribers who have recorded entry purchases will see Profit & Loss automatically populate based on fieldwork performed and entries used in their FieldView account. The Profit & Loss feature provides detailed visibility of farm finances at the acre, field, crop and farm level.

“We are excited to offer our growers the streamlined data flow of FieldView,” said Jesse Vollmar, vice president of agricultural strategy at Bushel.

“This integration allows producers to automatically obtain financial information about the field work they perform and eliminates much of the manual data entry previously required. With these types of integrations, we help guide decision-making for planning for next year and beyond. »


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