Created by an Indian tribal farmer ANIMAL ICU becomes Animal Verse of The Earth


Animal Intensive Care Unit – First of its kind AI-based, a unique solution to a plethora of preventative and survival needs of animal husbandry and farmers.

—Striving to offer a one-stop solution to all kinds of correlative animal husbandry and relative farmer needs, Verdant Impact’s Animal Intensive Care Unit brings this platform to you on par with global standards. This dynamic platform from Verdant Impact strives to offer a wide range of substantial services for the comprehensive care and protection of livestock, ranging from their AI-based treatments to all sorts of day-to-day livestock care needs. animals. Introducing improved animal husbandry technology to improve poor health and quality of livestock and increase productivity, it aims at the overall development of animal husbandry. In order to support ultimate preventative care, Animal ICU offers a league of services including daily/routine check-ups, preventative services, vaccination, doctor/medical consultation, on-call service assistance, AI-based support , livestock credit support for livestock purchase, insurance, certification, Animal Atlas, livestock Drone monitoring of farms/herds owned by grazing tribes and livestock sales services as well.

Story behind the creation of the dream seed

It was 2019 when the founder of this esteemed organization, Manish Kumar Meena, a tribal farmer and PhD dropout, was himself a struggling entrepreneur, now described as Elon Musk for Rural India. Shortly after launching his facility, he suffered the dismal loss of 9 of his consecutive Murrah buffaloes. This was the turning point to realize this idea of ​​launching a common pet care and care platform that is easily accessible and accessible to everyone. This is how it all started and Manish set up Animal ICU, which connects local farmers and relative veterinarians who can easily be contacted in case medical help is needed. Manish worked to put his dream seed to success. Under the company, a league of nearly a million farmers, more than 1700 veterinarians and a number of students trained in animal husbandry and other related skills came together. This is one of those super projects that has given life to farmers who until now have had to watch their livestock struggle with various medical conditions and ultimately die, in the absence of the right medical help at the right time. .

“Animal ICU is not just an allied sector intervention, it is an impact investment we have made to create the largest animal-based ecosystem in the world.”

-Said, Mr. Manish

Another main binder of the company remains Ms. Maya Zeph (CFO) who helped manage the funds for this dream and its realization. She supports the company as firmly as a rock that comes from her childhood struggles. Despite the childhood turmoil in her life as she lost her mother to cancer and her father to an accident at a young age, she proves to be one of the strongest foundations in life. ‘business. She was raised by her older brother and is fully associated with the idea of ​​Animal ICU.

The company also aims to weave the network of farmers on a daily basis. It’s not just a one-day approach, but a decades-old achievement of building a family of over 10,000,000 farmers, coupled with Animal ICU. They work for the continuous improvement and development of these farmers and those who add to them on a daily basis. The organization runs a league of programs including Milk Collection Centers, Kisaan Radio, Animal Mark, Veronica Paris, Cattle Credit Car, Animal Atlas, and AI-based livestock health checkups.

Conceptual idea

The main problem with rural livestock is the scarcity of medical resources and assistance during the SOS period. This platform aims only to renounce any challenge that prohibits the quality medical maintenance of rural livestock in connection with this platform easily accessible to all. Lack of properly trained and qualified professionals and disease pandemics are the major cause for the increase in the number of pets in India. This concept hunts all those lack points by removing resource scarcity by training the resources and also joining a team of veterinarians for SOS assistance. Animal ICU provides one-stop solution for types of animal husbandry needs ranging from their daily examination, animal mark certification, animal atlas based GI marking, preventative survival measures, on-call assistance, credit support, insurance, vaccination and most notable is their AI-based health tracking mechanism. Animal ICU aims to become a globally recognized name providing round-the-clock assistance to rural livestock. The team is continuously working to maintain the number one rank as the world’s largest virtual breeding service and credit related support offering platform, operating under the best technological assistance of AI and Block chain.


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