Deal booked again on Ayyanna Patrudu


PA police have again filed charges against former TDP minister Chintakayala Ayyanna Patrudu. This time for his derogatory remarks towards the police.

Police have registered cases under IPC Sections 304, 305, 188 and 204 for abuse of police on duty. It happened when Ayyannapathrudu joined the local festival celebrations on Saturday night. Police have asked organizers to close the celebrations as time is running out.

Upon learning of the advice of the police, the former TDP minister rushed at them, insulted them and pushed the police away. He also warned them of the serious consequences if the police force them to close. “You are only two years old. We will come back to power and show you what we can do,” police reportedly threatened.

It was not the first time that the police reserved proceedings against the former minister of the TDP. He was convicted in a case of abuse of a female officer in the past. He was also charged for hate speech against the government on the anniversary of the death of Dr Kodela Sivaprasad in Narasaraopet a few months ago.

The leader of the TDP in the North Andhra region has been critical of the government since the TDP lost power in the 2019 general election. He is also accused of pushing a government doctor, Sudhakar, to speak out against the government. Although Dr Sudhakar died of cardiac arrest last year, a case is still pending in the High Court.

Ayyanna Patrudu has spoken out against Jagan Mohan Reddy’s government and was seen accusing ruling party leaders and insulting officials, including the police. It remains to be seen how the police would handle this new case against the farmer minister.

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