Di Muto launches smallholder management software | Article


DiMuto has launched DiMuto Farm Management, a new all-in-one software to help small farms digitize their operations and gain visibility upstream of the supply chain.

The DiMuto Farm Management application links cultivation, harvesting, sales and payments for better visibility of agricultural operations with its three functions – cultivation, sales and services.

Using the DiMuto farm management app, smallholder farmers can create a digital identity and connect their operations to their buyers such as supply teams and agronomists at large traders and packing stations in minutes. .

With an intuitive interface, farmers can simplify farm administration, easily store and access digitized farm records, transportation and sales information. Additionally, they can also get yield estimates, track production, and receive timely reminders to manage their field.

Farm Management also connects to the production management and business management functionalities of the DiMuto platform, allowing food companies to trace the source of their food products and raw materials, back to the farm and the batch from which they come.

This decreasing level of supply chain visibility will help agribusinesses track and verify key sustainability metrics such as fertilizer and water usage.

Julie Escobar, commercial director of DiMuto, said the company initially plans to implement the Farm Management app in Indonesia, Mexico and Colombia.

“We are very excited to launch the DiMuto Farm Management app and several projects are already underway, with the support of partners who share the vision and see the potential of the Farm Management app to improve the livelihoods of farmers. they employ, while guaranteeing the sustainability of their supply operations,

“We truly believe this feature will greatly help growers, packers, shippers, importers and retailers gain greater visibility into their purchases and improve overall sustainability.”

The DiMuto Farm Management app also has a digital wallet feature that helps farmers track, receive and access digital payments. Payment rails will help DiMuto execute financing and insurance opportunities for smallholder farmers, allowing loans and payments to be directly deployed and legitimately received.


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