Diablo Immortal replaces the most important farming statue


Since the last update, the Magic Find has a new detail in Diablo Immortal. Some players are sure that the price has changed in general, and now it is even better than before.

What is this value? Magic Find is a value you can only increase relatively late in Diablo Immortal. Controversial Legendary Gems provide magic quests higher than Rank 5, otherwise the main source of value is your opponent.

Traditionally in Diablo games, finding magic increases your chances of getting a rare or legendary item and even setting coins.

However, Diablo Immortal has taken a different approach so far. At least the players are sure. With Update 1.5.2. However, since June 20, it seems that Price’s operation has changed.

What has changed in Magic Find? Since the patch, Magic Find has a different description. When you open your character sheet and select a stat, the info text becomes:

  • Before: “Increases your chance of getting high-quality items from monsters.”
  • Now: “Increases the chance of monsters dropping magic, rare, or legendary items.”

Previous descriptions and tests of, for example, players completing 1,000 rounds have confirmed the suspicion that magic quests only increase the quality of items found. So: if a legend drops anyway, it has better or more values.

However, it’s now clear that the spinoff prospects for Legendary have indeed increased. It is unclear if this also applies to dungeon props. Fans are still wondering if this is actually a change or just more precise wording (via Reddit).

If you want to increase your magic quest, the best option for you is to upgrade Legendary Gems. Since Update 1.5.2, it’s even easier to do if you use your Extinguishing Sparks correctly. In the video, we explain where you can find Legendary Gems and how they work:

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Update Changes Magic Finds, Makes Legendary Gem Farming Easier

This is still being updated: Basically, the update has reduced the pay2win factor, since the most famous symbols can now be obtained without paying them weekly and monthly. Additionally, new events and actions have come into play.

36 new legendaries have also been added, 6 for each class. If you want to try your magic quest or discover new legends, you’ll find the best farm spots on MeinMMO for Legendaries, Monster Essence, and more. The patch notes for the update can be found here:

Diablo Immortal: New Update Fixes 3 Of The Game’s Biggest Critics – Patch Notes

The biggest change was the new class change feature. That said, if you don’t like your current class, you can now simply try out a new class.

You can find the best classes for Diablo Immortal in our tier list. In the video we show you how you can change classes:

Diablo Immortal: How to Change Orbit

In general, the update has been fairly well received, despite talk of whether or not to improve Magic Find. The general consensus is this: it doesn’t matter much anyway, because the fallout is so unlikely that it’s barely noticeable.

We spoke with frequent players about their thoughts on farming in Diablo Immortal, the game’s strengths and weaknesses, and new updates:

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