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Jérôme Batret, a farmer from the Auvergne countryside, told France 24: “He didn’t respect people then and he doesn’t respect them now.

“We have a president who wants to piss off his own people – and yet he will still win.”

Mr Batret says his purchasing power has plummeted during Macron’s five years in office – a rocky tenure marked by the coronavirus pandemic and now the fallout from war in Ukraine.

Soaring energy prices mean that most of his income is now eaten up by the fuel he needs to run his car and tractor – and to heat his house.

He added: “The Parisians tell me it’s not so bad for them, but here in the countryside we have no choice.

“My sons work 35 kilometers from home. It’s 400 euros a month in gasoline just to get to work.

“The politicians in Paris don’t care about us.

“They make empty promises at election time and then leave us to rot. They have no respect for people. »

Mr. Batret also explained how more and more people in France are being influenced by other candidates.

Ms Le Pen of the National Assembly is again challenging Mr Macron, but a new face from the far right – Eric Zemmour – is also in the running for the presidency.

Mr Batret added: “On April 24 they will tell us to support Macron as a lesser evil, but I don’t think it is.

“If it’s Macron against Le Pen again, I’ll vote for Le Pen. And if it’s Zemmour, I’ll leave the country.”

Mr Macron warned France last week of the “extremists” he faces.

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Barring a last-minute political disaster, Mr Macron is virtually guaranteed to qualify for the second round.

Her former rival, Ms Le Pen, is currently in second place, suggesting a rematch of the 2017 run-off could take place, when Mr Macron beat her with 66% of the vote to 34%.

Behind Ms Le Pen is Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a controversial leftist representing France Unbowed, who also ran in 2017.


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