Equines should be part of the TAMS program from 2023


Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue has said he plans to include investments in the equine sector as part of TAMS (Targeted Agriculture Modernization Schemes) under the next Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) regime. from the beginning of 2023.

The comments were welcomed by the Irish Farmers’ Association, including the chair of the association’s Horse Project team, Richard Kennedy.

“The IFA Horse Project team, along with the entire IFA management and leadership, have fully supported the inclusion of horse breeders in the TAMS program and I am delighted to hear the feedback from the minister last week,” Kennedy said in recent days.

“Farmers involved in horse breeding and breeding need help, and they should be eligible for TAMS grant funding, and it is absolutely correct that the omission of this sector of agriculture Irish will now be corrected in the next CAP.

“The IFA is ready and willing to engage with Department of Agriculture officials regarding horse farm investment requirements and to ensure that all bona fide horse-owning farmers have the opportunity to benefit from these aids. TAMS,” he added.

He pointed out that the average farmer breeder in this country has up to five mares, and these breeders are the backbone of thoroughbreds and sport horses.

The equine sector contributes €2 billion to our economy every year, he added.

“There has been an ongoing campaign over the past year to get to the point where horse farmers could benefit from supports in the same way as other farmers can through the TAMS Farm Investment Scheme. “said Mr. Kennedy.

“Members of the IFA Horse Project team, along with many other IFA grassroots members, have helped to advocate with our politicians for horses to be included, and that is great news from to hear the minister say he intends to see this happen in the next CAP.”


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