Farmer Doge Partners with TCG World, Hinting at More Metaverse Partnership Announcements


Sacramento, Calif. – (Newsfile Corp. – March 3, 2022) – Farmer Doge ventured out and started gaining traction in the crypto community. Farmer Doge has taken the Metaverse by storm, having longer-term Metaverse projects lined up right after the TCG World Metaverse partnership.

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Farmer Doge partners with TCG World

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What is Farmer Doge?

Farmer Doge is the world’s first multi-currency rewards token. Farmer Doge runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and in addition to providing yield farming to users via the native $CROP token, users can mine any cryptocurrency from the largest lists to the most recently created .

The basic premise of the project is that users should plant and then reap their effort. Farmer Doge’s high trading volume increases proportionally with user rewards.

Give back to society

Additionally, due to its commitment to the community, Farmer Doge is more than just a cryptocurrency. Thousands of pounds of vegetables and plants are thrown away each year because they are not attractive enough to sell in markets, although their quality is not in question. As such, Farmer Doge has made it their mission to source these fruits and vegetables and donate them to charity as part of their mission to fight hunger. Families in need, restaurants and other businesses that can use fruits and vegetables as components to donate meals to charities will not face the food shortage. Donations have already been made in the Philippines, Laos and the United States.

Farmer Doge emphasizes user safety and convenience by creating a safe and interactive space for users to learn about the latest ventures in the project while having the opportunity to network with members of the Farmer Doge community.

Beginning of the metaverse with TCG World Partnership

Metaverse will most certainly provide users with an immense experience that will encompass everything from games and social interactions to financial transactions. Farmer Doge has partnered with TCG World, the largest and most advanced metaverse running on Binace Smart Chain (BSC), to provide its users with a fast and futuristic adoption experience.

Farmer Doge will receive a large parcel of commercial land at TCG World as a result of this partnership. It will also allow the community to connect with each other through the project. Farmer Doge-themed games and NFTs are in the works for the Metaverse.

Metaverse partnerships

Farmer Doge has made strides climbing the ranks to become one of the most unique crypto projects out there. In addition to working on the launch of Farmer Doge NFTs, the cryptocurrency project will continue to establish new partnerships for long-term projects.

The team is establishing more metaverse partnerships and intends to finalize other agreements by the end of the year, in order to increase brand awareness in the crypto community. The next NFTs will also be integrated into the metaverse projects.

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