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Many of us enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Although the taste of coffee appeals to countless people, it is more than the taste that attracts us to coffee. The sheer aroma of freshly brewed, oven-roasted coffee can make true addicts like Pavlov’s dogs salivate. The rich smell of coffee permeates the air, the warmth of the cup of coffee warms our hands, and then the nectar of the gods hits our taste buds. Suddenly we are shaken from our catatonic state and become ready to conquer the day. Physical sensations create a psychological response while caffeine simultaneously creates a physiological response which is chemically induced.

Another reason many of us enjoy drinking coffee is the shared social interaction. Cafes in small towns across the country are filled with old men talking about the weather or the politics of the day. Young people flock to trendy cafes and pay high prices to partake not only in the cafe, but also in the collective social experiences and branded goods surrounding said cafes. Gastronomic experiences often end with a shared cup of coffee and a social exchange. The human interaction surrounding the shared experience of coffee drinking is powerful.

The cafe is so beloved that it has received a variety of affectionate nicknames. Java, Coffee Cup, Rocket Fuel, Bean Juice, Liquid Energy, Worm Dirt, and Jig Juice are just a few of the endearing terms used to describe a hot cup of coffee. This whole conversation about coffee begs the question: why do so many people enjoy coffee so deeply? One of the reasons may be that coffee simply makes us feel good.

I’m one of the privileged people in life who really enjoys coming to work every day. Just like my morning cup of coffee, my job makes me feel good. I find helping others to be intrinsically motivating and emotionally rewarding. It still amazes me that I get paid to help people on a daily basis.

Weatherford College offers a culture of caring that uplifts people and helps them realize their full potential. Our mission is a team sport in which we collectively strive to improve the human condition one student at a time. Donors, community members and a wide range of education stakeholders all contribute to the collective effort to make our world a better place.

The next time you take a sip of hot coffee, I encourage you to think about how you might connect with Weatherford College. It could be by sponsoring a student, attending a concert or sporting event, or simply walking around our campus. Know that Weatherford College is your college and we want you to get involved. I promise you the experience will be even more energizing than the caffeine. If you find yourself on campus, stop by and I’ll gladly serve you a hot cup of coffee.

Tod Allen Farmer is the president of Weatherford College.

President, Weatherford College


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