Farmers across India rely on KCR; launch a national forum


HYDERABAD: Highlighting the failures of the leadership and governance system over the 75 years of independence, farmers from 26 states convened a meeting with Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao and unanimously passed a resolution to form a “ National Farmers Forum” to implement Telangana development in agriculture and farmer welfare policies across the country.

Farmers’ union leaders and farmers from 26 states detained at scale
talks with the Chief Minister at Pragathi Bhavan on Saturday. They had
discussions on the development of agriculture, irrigation and energy sectors
in Telangana and the implementation of farmer welfare programs and the
advancing other agriculture-related projects in the state.

During a one-day meeting, the Chief Minister explained the current policies
implemented by the Telangana government for the benefit of farmers. “The
the government provides irrigation projects for farmers, drinking water,
24 hour power supply, Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bima, Rythu Vedika,
crop purchases from farmers during the Covid-19 pandemic, Mission
Bhagiratha, Aasara pensions, Kalyana Laxmi and other schemes.
Interacting with farmers, the Chief Minister felt that even after 75
years of the country’s independence, the governments of the center failed to
provide basic facilities to farmers and encourage the agricultural sector.

“We need to have deep discussions about why governments have failed to
take action for the benefit of farmers. It is regrettable that the
governments have deliberately neglected farmers by not introducing pro-farmer bills
and these governments have targeted states that encourage farmers,”
said the chief minister.

“India has natural resources and cultivable agricultural land. India has
abundant water resources, agricultural land and human resources more than China,
America and other countries. The total cultivable land in India is 40,000
crore acres and it requires only 40,000 tmc ft of water for irrigation. This
Too bad the locals wait long enough
irrigation and drinking water despite the availability of 70,000 tmc ft
water in India. Total installed power generation capacity in India
is 4 lakh megawatts. Practically, we don’t use more than 2 lakh
megawatts,” the chief minister said.

Several senior farmers’ union leaders, who participated in the recent Farmer’s
struggle that brought the problems of the country’s farmers to the
attention, expressed their views during the meeting. They said the time had come
to unite the whole agricultural community and Chandrashekar Rao should take
initiative in this regard.

All leaders of farmers’ associations who participated in the meeting
asked to adopt model Telangana agricultural policies in the country.
This is the first time in the country that a chief minister has given so much
a lot of time to the peasant leaders, the union leaders said.


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