Farmers will not seek loans from banks in next 10 years, says Tamil Nadu agriculture minister


The aim of the farm budget presented by the state government was to ensure that farmers did not seek loans from a bank for the next 10 years, Agriculture and Welfare told the Assembly on Thursday. of farmers MRK Panneerselvam.

Responding to the farm budget debate, Panneerselvam said the state government had provided farmers with the help they needed. Farmers realized that the state listened to their demands and responded to their needs, he said. The agriculture budget was just a 10-month-old child, he said.

Referring to the distribution of 50 saplings to a family, Mr Panneerselvam said, “A teak tree will sell for between ₹50,000 and ₹1 lakh in about 10 years. In 10 years, a family will get about ₹25 lakh from these trees.

AIADMK did not have the heart to enjoy welfare programs and organized a walk out of the house, the minister said. Criticizing the party, he accused the former government of not having done much for agriculture and the sugar sector was in dire straits.

The area covered by the cultivation of ‘kuruvai’ crops has increased by 1.5 lakh acres in the last 10 months across the state, the minister said. Within the next two years, the cultivation of sugarcane would become profitable, he said.


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