Farming Simulator 22 Xbox review: get your green thumbs ready


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The Farming Simulator franchise first caught my eye in 2016 when my partner stumbled across Farming Simulator 15 while browsing an Xbox sale. Although relatively new to consoles at the time, Farming Simulator 15 was actually the fifth title in the series when it was released. By this point, the series had already amassed quite a few followers among sim fans and modders.

Since then, my partner and I have been eagerly awaiting each new Farming Simulator title, which is often released every two years. Farming Simulator has continued to grow and evolve adding new agriculture and animal husbandry industries while securing the license rights to feature major brands of equipment. Farming Simulator 22 for Xbox Series X, Series S, Xbox One, and PC easily showcases some of the franchise’s greatest mechanical and technical advancements to date, but it still manages to maintain a level of jank that has continued to haunt the series.

Farming Simulator 22 Reco

Farming Simulator 22

At the end of the line : Designed with hardcore simmering in mind, Farming Simulator 22 continues to build on the foundation of previous games in the franchise to deliver a realistic open world where players can put their green thumbs to the test in a variety of agricultural industries.


  • New seasonal mechanic
  • New maps, equipment and cultures
  • Online multiplayer

The bad

  • Controller mapping is a mess
  • Everything has a waxy sheen
  • Not friendly for beginners

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Farming Simulator 22: What you will like

Farming Simulator 22 The FarmSource: GIANTS Software GmbH

From its transparent titling system to the very mechanics it uses, it’s safe to say that Farming Simulator isn’t a game that tries to hide what it is. Once a player creates their character and chooses from three new cards, they’ll find themselves left to their own devices with a digital plot of farmland. There are three difficulties to choose from, the simpler giving players a bit of a head start with free terrain and equipment, while higher difficulties force more advanced players to do odd jobs for NPCs to do. residents are saving to start their humble farm from scratch.

Category Farming Simulator 22
Title Farming Simulator 22
Developer GIANTS Software GmbH
Editor GIANTS Software GmbH
Kind Simulator
Xbox version Xbox x series
Game size 23.8 GB
Break 40 hours
Players Single player, online multiplayer
Xbox Game Pass No
Introductory price $ 60

Much like previous Farming Simulator titles, Farming Simulator 22 features recognizable tools and equipment from famous brands like John Deere and Massey Ferguson that players can buy and use for their own farming activities. Players can test over 400 machines on their farms, with different equipment best suited to specific crops or livestock products.

As impressive as it is, however, the best feature found in Farming Simulator 22 is the new Seasonal Mechanic. The old farm simulator titles were in a perpetual summer state, with no weather mechanics affecting your crops growing well. For a simulator, it was dull that you could just crash what you wanted when you wanted without thinking about it.

However, that is gone, as players are now forced to consider seasonal changes and how the weather will affect their farms. Having to plant and harvest crops in specific seasons is an interesting new challenge that adds a much needed element of strategy to Farming Simulator 22.

Farming Simulator 22: What you won’t like

Farming Simulator 22 Opening Scene CornfieldSource: GIANTS Software GmbH

When Farming Simulator 22 first launches, players are greeted with an incredibly detailed cutscene of an older man preaching the values ​​of getting up early and working hard on the farm juxtaposed with scenes of a somewhat irresponsible young woman. until the point where she finds her corn crop rotting in the field. After learning her lesson the hard way, she then pulls herself by her boots to become a better farmer (with the help of her father, the narrator).

If that sounds like an intriguing campaign tale, then I’m sorry to tell you now that the opening cutscene is the beginning and end of everything that looks like a story in Farming Simulator 22. There is nothing wrong to have fun of a game, to be fair. However, a campaign’s lack of guidance can make it difficult for new players to find their place with Farming Simulator.

Farming Simulator 22 Red truck stuckSource: GIANTS Software GmbH

Nothing really prepares you for what equipment you should buy before you grow sorghum for the first time, for example. There is a rudimentary tutorial at the start, but it does little more than explain how to connect your tractor to a plow. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself with a field full of grapes without the proper equipment to harvest them on time.

When it comes to actually managing equipment, the age-old madness of Farming Simulator continues to be a problem. The mapping of button actions on the controller is too complicated, often forcing the user to hold LB as a replacement for the Shift key on a PC to allow mapping of different tasks to the same button. When attempting a task like lowering your gear to the correct height or just hooking it up to your tractor, the player only has small visual nuances as to whether the action was performed correctly.

Farming Simulator 22: Should we play it?

Tractor Farming Simulator 22Source: GIANTS Software GmbH

out of 5

Farming Simulator 22 fills a very specific niche. The one where the player base is particularly interested in a more realistic heavy farming experience. This is both a blessing and a curse for the game, as it focuses on restoring players already comfortable with the simulator experience at the expense of being difficult for new players to approach.

That’s not to say that if you’re looking to try a farming simulator for the first time, however, you should discount Farming Simulator 22. The learning curve can be steep for newcomers, but there are things like multiplayer. online cooperative that allows a new player to join a more experienced friend who is ready to teach the basics. There’s a strong modding community for the franchise as well, so players who don’t want the trouble of trying to build a farm from scratch can find community-created add-ons for countless game changes. game, including easy money or modified equipment.

Despite Farming Simulator 22’s quirks, it’s still one of the best options available for this underserved niche. The freedom to experience the game however you see fit, coupled with the continuous improvements each game in the series has over its predecessor, continues to make it an engaging experience for fans of hardcore strategy and simulator.

Farming Simulator 22 Reco

Farming Simulator 22

At the end of the line : Farming Simulator 22 manages to scratch the itch of any die-hard simulator fan looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for a while in an idyllic rural setting where they can herd cattle and produce. The mechanics can be a bit tricky for new players, but the online multiplayer and a strong modding community can help anyone become a seasoned farm worker.

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