FM questions TRS government on farmer suicides


The war of words between the finance minister and the ruling TRS government continued for the second day on Saturday. Nirmala Sitharaman alleged that instead of answering my questions, TRS ministers were making statements against me. She mentioned that only five farmers out of a hundred received compensation promised in the elections. This was in response to State Finance Minister Harish Rao’s response to farmer suicides, where he pointed out that Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar had told parliament that there was a 50% reduction in farmer suicide in Telangana.

Statistics show that between 2017 and 2019, 2,000 farmers committed suicide, she said. The finance minister alleged that the TRS government failed to pay full compensation to the evicted from the Mallanna Sagar, Mid Manair Dam and Sitharama projects who handed over their land for the project.

Nirmala Sitharaman is currently on tour in Gandhari village and Zaheerabad in Kamareddy district as part of BJP’s ‘Lok Sabha PravasYojana in Telangana State.

Earlier, IT Minister KT Rama Rao expressed shock at the reprimand of Nirmala Sitharaman by a collector in Kamareddy district for his failure to provide him with an answer on the share of rice provided by the Center and the ‘condition in fair price stores. He said such conduct by people in high office would only “demoralize the hardworking officers of the IAS”. “My compliments to @Collector_KMR Jitesh V Patil, IAS for dignified conduct,” he tweeted in support of The Collector.

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