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Stability and durability are two key factors that FuelPositive seeks to provide farmers with its on-farm green ammonia production system.

By definition, green ammonia is 100% renewable and carbon-free, which, as far as agricultural practices are concerned, checks two important boxes in the way of production. Although green ammonia can satisfy the needs of several different types of end users, FuelPositive’s first customers are expected to be farmers who will use the product as fertilizer and eventually to power agricultural machinery, such as tractors and other agricultural vehicles, generators and grain drying. systems.

Pricing the system to the farmer will start at $950,000, a figure the company says it arrived at after much deliberation and research. This price will vary according to the needs of the farmer, set in consultation between each farmer and a FuelPositive professional.

The basic system will include a hydrogen separator, a nitrogen extractor, an ammonia converter, a control system with remote monitoring capability, a nominal ammonia storage and a basic installation package. Each customer can consider adding options and potential deductions from this base specification. Customization can include production system functionality, storage system design, installation, and delivery.

Specifications include:

  • 300 kg/day (100 tons/year) of green anhydrous ammonia
  • 476 kg/day of water
  • Customer must provide a sustainable electricity source from the grid or an off-grid option (a solar panel of approximately 1 megawatt, with additional storage, would power the system completely off-grid)
  • Each system fits in three standard 20ft containers
    • To increase production, you can add more process modules. The main system contains the main controls, the added modules use remote control configurations.
  • Decades-long lifecycle, with periodic updates
  • Modular design facilitates component and software upgrades

By using only fertilizers, the company says the return on investment will vary from operation to operation, however, farmers will benefit from saving money by purchasing traditional gray ammonia. FuelPositive states that they will help farmers maximize returns on investment.

In April 2022, it was announced that a farm in Manitoba would be the first pilot location for the technology and after a few months of use under their belt, Manitoba farmers, Tracy and Curtis Hiebert, are considered the first of the company. pre-sales customers.

“The FuelPositive system will give us stability. That’s what we like. This stabilizes the supply and stabilizes the price,” says Curtis Hiebert.

For those who wish to learn more and express their interest in being a pre-sale customer, FuelPositive has set up a dedicated space website to facilitate this process.


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