Global and Market Inflation Affecting Farmers and Ranchers Says British Columbia – Vanderhoof Omineca Express


B.C. Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister Lana Popham told the Express that the province is working to improve the situation for farmers facing high prices after the drop. yields in 2021 by making food production more local.

She said British Columbia is building a strong local food production system, to secure the food supply and help protect the province from global and market inflation that impacts farmers and businesses. breeders.

“We know this is a tough time for farmers,” Popham said.

“The current increase in production costs is not unique to agriculture and BC, but is part of a larger global inflation pattern that affects products and countries around the world.”

As the British Columbia farming community is optimistic for the new season, BC Cattlemen’s Association regional representative Alex Kulchar told the Express that record prices are worrying farmers and ranchers in the River Valley. Nechako as spring approaches.

Spring fertilizer and seed prices are of particular concern after a series of floods and forest fires last year hurt production.

“The price of grain and hay is something we have never seen before. The cost of food, if you can find it, is at record highs here,” Kulchar said.

At a news conference in Prince George on March 16, British Columbia Minister of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation Ravi Kahlon said the province is tackling the inflation by addressing supply chain issues.

He said the movement of goods was “significantly hampered” by the pandemic and the province is working to shorten supply chains to be able to produce more products in British Columbia.

Popham said B.C.’s economy is resilient coming out of the pandemic and the province has programs in place to help farmers and ranchers.

These include income protection programs to help compensate for crop losses and reduced income, lost production or increased production costs, she said.

“We remain confident that BC farmers, ranchers and producers will continue to be strong contributors to the economy.

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