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By Brooke S. Appleton

I have spent nearly 20 years living and working in the nation’s capital, and I have never seen the number of unprecedented events here that we have seen in the past year.

From the War in Ukraine to the Flight Roe c. Wade going through inflation, the rulers of this city go from one unprecedented event to another, and other important issues are drowned out as a result.

Fortunately, the NCGA has always been able to achieve significant gains for farmers, even as we face many challenges ahead. Indeed, thanks to the hard work of peasant leaders, we have seen the following results in recent months:

The President’s recent announcement that his administration is allowing continued consumer access to higher blends of ethanol over the coming summer months was a major victory for corn consumers and growers.

The fact that the president, who has the weight of the world on his shoulders, takes the time to visit an ethanol plant in Iowa and highlight the many economic and environmental benefits that ethanol offers shows what can be achieved. with a unified message.

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Funds are being made available to reduce the cost of high-speed Internet nationwide, including in rural communities. It is a product of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, passed late last year. The development is a crucial victory to help farmers become even more competitive in a digitally connected market. It is also an example of the type of work that can be accomplished when both parties work together.

With funding provided by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the Army Corps of Engineers began implementing plans to upgrade locks and dams along the upper Mississippi system. This is important for farmers because the system transports 60% of US corn and soybean exports to market. Yet much of the infrastructure that makes this possible has not been updated since the 1930s. Farmers used to the financial burdens associated with delays along the system will soon see barges moving faster and more efficiently. with these updates.

Although we have much to enjoy, our journey ahead is formidable. A host of burning issues means Congress will continue to play a game of whack-a-mole.

Even in this chaotic environment, we are moving forward with our legislative priorities. For example, we are working to gain more support for the Next Generation Fuels Act, which recognizes and leverages the benefits of high-octane, low-carbon, lower-cost ethanol for begin the United States’ transition to higher octane. fuel reserve. We are also focused on what can be done to reduce farmer input costs and are working hard to preserve the use of important crop protection tools while preparing for the next Farm Bill reauthorization.

You are an important part of this effort. Members of Congress listen to their constituents, so when you send a letter or call your member, it helps us advance our policy priorities. We will therefore continue to look to you and your fellow producers as we work through these key issues.

If you are not already, please sign up for advocacy alerts from the National Corn Growers Association. You can register online at or by texting GROW to 50457. We’ll send you alerts that give you the opportunity to connect with your members of Congress on key priorities.

Appleton is vice president of public policy at the National Corn Growers Association.


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