Grassley and Feenstra Discuss Farm Bill Priorities During Roundtable with Commodity Leaders


LAKE CITY, IOWA – Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, and Rep. Randy Feenstra (IA-04), member of the House Agriculture Committee, yesterday met with Iowa farm group leaders for a roundtable in Lake City to discuss priorities for the next Farm Bill. The roundtable was held as part of the 99 annual meetings of Grassley County across Iowa.

“I appreciate the opportunity to speak directly with Iowa farmers and growers on issues that matter to them as we consider another Farm Bill. Listening to the grassroots guides my policy decisions in Washington. As a family farmer and a passionate advocate for agriculture, I know the daily toil of Iowa farmers and growers. Their hard work and passion for feeding and feeding our country and the world deserves a place in the table, and I will bring their contribution to the next discussions on the Farm Bill”, Grassley said.

“The Farm Bill is one of the most important pieces of legislation for our family farmers, independent growers and rural Iowa. That’s why it’s important to me to hear from various agricultural groups that represent Iowa’s hard-working farmers and growers at the local, state, and federal levels. As the second largest agricultural producing district in the nation, I will be a strong advocate for the priorities critical to the success of our farming communities and rural main streets in the 2023 Farm Bill,” Fenstra said.

“It’s so important to be able to talk to Senator Grassley and have that grassroots advocacy so he can really represent us when he returns to Washington, DC. It’s really important to talk about what’s happening locally because sometimes these issues can get lost in the weeds. We really appreciate all he does to support us as farmers and for the opportunity to have him here to talk about both local small businesses and the needs we have on the farm,” Mary Lauver, a family farmer in Lake City, said.

“I want to express my gratitude to Senator Grassley and Congressman Feenstra for today’s contribution session. We all know that the three legs of the agricultural stool are biofuels, livestock and exports. Our investment in market development and foreign market access programs has not increased in 20 years, so we basically have that money available to use. This roundtable has been a good opportunity to discuss those options as we wait with looking forward to the next Farm Bill,”
Al Giese, vice chairman of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association board, said.

“One of the reasons roundtables like this are so important is that they give us the opportunity to meet in person with Senator Grassley and Congressman Feenstra. Hearing directly from producers like Mark Schleisman talking about exotic animal diseases in the Farm Bill as well as more funding for overseas market development amplifies these face-to-face interactions,” Ben Nuelle, Director of Public Policy, Iowa Pork Producers Association, said.

“We are delighted to meet with Senator Grassley and Congressman Feenstra to discuss the Farm Bill. Risk mitigation and profitability are two important priorities for Iowa ranchers and we believe some of those opportunities stem from the Farm Bill. Looking forward, we would like to see changes made to the conservation farmland programs to provide more flexibility and opportunities for producers to have livestock on the land. That being said, we will continue to monitor vaccine bank support recognizing that protection against foreign animal diseases is a top priority for our members,” Cora Fox, Director of Government Relations, Iowa Cattlemen’s Association, said.

Leaders of the following Iowa farm groups attended: Iowa Corn Growers Association, Iowa Soybean Association, Iowa Dairy Association, Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, Iowa Farm Bureau, Iowa Turkey Federation , the Iowa Cattlemen Association, the Iowa Pork Producers Association, and the Iowa Electric Cooperative Association.

Grassley will play a key role in the 2023 Farm Bill as he is a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee. As one of only two grain farmers in the Senate, Grassley speaks up for his fellow farmers in Iowa.

This is the 42nd year that Grassley has hosted meetings in each of Iowa’s 99 counties. Grassley has held at least one meeting in every county every year since he was first elected to the US Senate. He answers questions on any subject. The Iowans set the agenda.

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