Haryana: BJP MP Rohtak trains weapons in Khattar; former Minister Grover


On Sunday, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Rohtak MP Arvind Sharma attacked Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar and former Co-operative Minister Manish Grover.

Addressing a rally in Rohtak’s Pehrawar, Sharma said he met the CM on Wednesday and urged him to hand over the 123 kanal plots in the village to a Gaur Brahmin company so they can build a college there.

“CM Khattar had assured me to provide the land in a few days, but Manish Grover had a word with him and the process was delayed. Khattar is an honest man, but he is influenced when making decisions,” he said.

The Rohtak MP alleged that there were some people in the BJP, who could not stomach his victory over Rohtak.

Sharma said the BJP fought the 2014 assembly polls under the leadership of Ram Bilas Sharma but instead chose Manohar Lal Khattar for the CM post.

“Corruption has massively extended its tentacles. I don’t know why they are not extending Bahadurgarh metro lines to Rohtak,” he added.

Apologizing for his remarks about Congress and its leader Deepender Hooda last year, the Rohtak MP said he made the “biggest mistake of his life” by issuing a statement supporting Grover.

Last year, Sharma said Congress and Deepender should listen to him and that if anyone dared target Grover, his “eyes would be gouged out and his hands cut off.” Sharma’s remarks came a day after some BJP leaders, including Grover, were held hostage for a few hours in a temple.

“I made a mistake in making a statement in favor of Grover. I had raised the issue of multi-crore bribery at Amrut Yojana in Rohtak. Now they are asking me for proof. Instead of asking me, they should leading a CIA team to arrest the contractor and his aides, they will reveal everything under thorough questioning,” the Rohtak MP said.

It can be noted here that the members of the Gaur Brahmin society led by former Aam Aadmi Haryana party leader Naveen Jaihind protested against the Haryana government which was seeking land ownership rights over the land in Pehrawar village. “We are going to build a Parashuram temple here and a college. I am ready to go to jail, but we will not give away our land,” Jaihind said.

However, despite repeated attempts, comments from former Minister Manish Grover on the allegations made by Arvind Sharma could not be obtained.

Sharma’s corruption allegations are true: Hooda

Former Haryana CM and opposition leader Bhupinder Singh Hooda said on Sunday that the corruption allegations made by BJP MP Arvind Sharma were true.

“Corruption is endemic everywhere, whether it is recruitment or company, alcohol or land titles. The claims of the BJP MP are essential to prove that the allegations made by the opposition on corruption are true,” he added.

Addressing a press conference at his residence here, Hooda said his cabinet gave the land in Pehrawar village to the Gaur Brahmin company in 2007 and no government can take it away.

“The cabinet had taken the decision after respecting the rule of law. Our government had leased the land at nominal rates. Even today, the Gaur Brahmin organization has the right over the land. If the government tries to change it, we will oppose it,” Hooda said.

Former Chief Minister Hooda said that the entire tenure of the current government of Haryana was full of failures.

“Instead of giving jobs to young people, the government exploits them in the name of Kaushal Nigam. The government should give a 500 bonuses to farmers on wheat. The government, which promised to double farmers’ income by 2022, has only doubled the cost and the debt. During our party brainstorming session in Udaipur, we decided to form a national commission and in case of non-payment of agricultural loans, no agricultural land will be auctioned,” Hooda added.


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