Help farmers, Maya tells government; in counterattack, BJP minister says working for their welfare


Lucknow: A day after Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ordered an investigation in all districts and postponed collection of land revenue and irrigation fees, BSP Chief Mayawati said that due to lack of of remunerative prices for their produce and the arrears of sugar cane, the UP farmers were already very upset and the weak monsoon had now heightened their worries. The government should immediately start helping them at all levels.

In a series of tweets, the BSP chief said that the government’s latest spending announcement 192 crores (that’s only about 38 crores a year for the next five years) for crop protection and storage in a state with a huge corporation of farmers like UP was very little compared to the vast number of state farmers. The government should stop ignoring farmers, she said.

Against statement by BSP chief, Minister of Agriculture Surya Pratap Shahi said Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had donated an amount of more than 192 crores for crop protection to reduce the loss of farmers from the standing crop to its storage. This amount was 56 times greater than the amount of 123 crores released for crop protection and storage during the Mayawati government’s tenure from 2007 to 2012.

In a series of tweets, Shahi said those who tricked sugarcane farmers into closing 24 sugar factories during their reign and selling the sugarcane at ridiculous prices were shedding crocodile tears today. The Yogi government was spending more than 38 crore each year for crop protection, while only about 24 crores were donated during the tenure of the BSP government, he said.

Mocking Mayawati, Shahi said those who exploit farmers and force them to commit suicide are showing false sympathy. Residents of the state knew who their supporters were, she said. Satisfied with the good governance and farmer-friendly policies and programs of the BJP government, the farmers re-elected the BJP, lending unprecedented support and affection to the government led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, he said.

Those who locked up the sugar mills during their reign were talking today about sugar cane royalties. They should look carefully and understand the amount paid to the sugar cane growers under the Yogi government. The Yogi government had paid more than 1.78,000 crores to sugarcane growers since 2017, more than three times since the Mayawati administration. The BJP government bought wheat, paddy and maize from MSP farmers, whereas under the Mayawati government, only wheat and paddy were bought from MSP farmers.


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