hooda: Sunflower growers got inferior seeds: Hooda | Chandigarh News

Ambala: Former Haryana Chief Minister and Leader of the Opposition, Bhupinder Singh Hooda has demanded that the state government take notice of the problems faced by sunflower growers as they face the possibility of a drop in production this time.
Hooda said farmers did not receive better seeds from the government in time, which put them in dire straits. “Due to the shortage of seeds, private sellers were selling seeds to farmers at rates several times higher than the normal price and the seeds sold were of inferior quality. This is the reason why production should be less,” he said.
Hooda, who had arrived in Ambala on Tuesday to attend several programs, said it was the government’s responsibility to provide quality seeds to farmers on time. “It is also the government’s job to stop the sale and black marketing of fake seeds in the market, but the government has not done this. The weight of this ultimately fell on the sunflower growers. Every farmer faces a loss of thousands of rupees,” he said.
The former chief minister added: “Wheat farmers are also having to deal with the double whammy of unseasonable rains and inflation this time around. Due to soaring prices for gasoline, diesel and other inputs, the cost to the farmer has increased dramatically. At the same time, the wheat harvest was first affected by unseasonable rains and then by the heat of early summer. As a result, wheat production per acre decreased by 5 to 10 quintals. In such a situation, the state government should compensate the loss to the farmers and give them a bounty of Rs 500 on the minimum support price,” he said.

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