Horticultural crops key to boosting farmers’ incomes, says IIPM director


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The Indian Institute of Plantation Management in Bengaluru organized a five-day training program for senior government officials from Andhra Pradesh on horticulture export management. “Horticultural plantations, which are gaining importance in India, are key to increasing farmers’ incomes,” said Rakesh Mohan Joshi, director of the IIPM.

The program covered a wide range of topics, including an overview of horticultural exports, emerging opportunities and challenges in export markets, international market and branding strategies, food safety and quality issues, export financing, policies and procedures.

Rajendra Kumar Kataria, Principal Secretary (Horticulture), Government of Karnataka, delivered the farewell address, highlighting the implementation strategy adopted for the development of horticulture in the state, which could be replicated in other States.

He stressed the importance of training to improve the skills of field officers, enabling them to better serve the farming community and contribute to improving the state’s horticulture.

“IIPM, an autonomous institute of the Government of India, is a flagship institute specializing in the management of the entire value chain of a wide range of plantation crops, including plantation forestry, horticulture, fodder , commodities, spices and other associated agricultural and processed products in the food industry, from cultivation to processing and marketing in national and international markets”, Joshi said.

“The institute is poised for a rapid leap in order to make Indian plantation and agribusiness globally competitive,”.

About IIPM:

The Indian Institute of Plantation Management (IIPM), Bengaluru is an autonomous institution established in 1993 by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India to provide professional management training in plantations and related agribusiness.

The Institute’s mission is to provide education, research, training, development and advisory services to industry and other organizations involved in the economic and social development of the plantation and related agribusiness sector.

The Institute offers professional courses for young aspirants to help them find entry-level management positions in agricultural plantations, food, export and other related industries. The Institute also serves as a resource center for government and industry, conducting research on policy, strategic and operational issues related to the sector.


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