How to Farm Villagers in Minecraft: A Villager Farm Guide


Villagers are passive mobs in Minecraft, but they play an active role in your success in creating your own world. You can trade with villagers to get the items you need that are rare in the game or hard to craft. Of course, you need to find a prosperous village to do this. But if you want to stop wandering the map and kidnapping villagers, you can raise villagers instead and create your own town. This article will teach you how to raise villagers in Minecraft – both manually and using an auto-raiser.

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What you need to raise villagers

Like horse breeding in Minecraft, or any mobs for that matter, there are certain conditions that must be met for you to successfully mate two villagers. Below are the items you need to trick two villagers into spawning:

  • A suitable breeding environment
  • Blocks
  • two villagers
  • At least 3 beds
  • Food (bread, carrots, potatoes or beets)

How to breed villagers in Minecraft

Step 1. Find a village

The first step to breeding villagers is finding a village where you can breed them. Alternatively, you can find an uninhabited area if you want to build a new town. In survival mode, you must consider the safety of your villagers when finding a location. The breeding area should be free of crowds and away from monsters, like zombies and piglins, that might attack your villagers.

Two minecraft villagers trapped between walls
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Step 2. Trap two villagers

Otherwise, how are you going to allow your villagers to be romantic rather than giving them some privacy? You can do this by trapping the couple in a small room. When two villagers are close to each other, build a wall around them using blocks. It should be at least two blocks higher than the beds so your villagers can’t jump off.

If there are no villagers in the area of ​​your choice, you can search for some in other villages using a boat. Once you reach your destination, you can jump off the ship, destroy it to free your passengers and start spawning.

fun fact

Did you know that Minecraft villagers are gender neutral? Although they look male, all villagers are capable of spawning as long as you can provide them with ideal housing to do so.

It's easy to learn how to make a bed in Minecraft
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Step 3: place at least 3 beds in the room

There should be enough beds in the room for the villagers to start spawning. You need at least three beds – one for the couple and one for the baby villager. Only one villager can occupy a bed, so you must place additional beds if you want your villagers to spawn more babies.

We have a guide on how to make a bed in Minecraft. Once you have it, simply place it on the hot bar and tap an area of ​​the room to put it down.

Step 4: Feed your villagers

You can’t just trap villagers in a room and expect them to fall in love – you have to convince them. Feeding them is the only way to increase their desire to mate. However, you can’t feed them just about any crop. There are specific foods that would allow your villagers to reach the necessary level of willpower to reproduce and procreate, namely: bread, carrots, potatoes and beets.

Food Quantity needed for villagers to be ready
Bread 3
Carrots 12
Potatoes 12
Beet roots 12

Feeding your villagers bread is the fastest way to increase their willpower to spawn, as you only need three for each. You can also feed them other food items, but you’ll need more to satiate your villagers.

When you have the necessary food, just throw it around the room and make sure both villagers feed.

Two villagers spawning in minecraft
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Step 5. Wait for the baby villager to appear

After feeding your villagers, all you have to do is wait for them to mate. Hearts should appear when they bump into each other and stand side by side. A baby villager will appear between them, eventually. In about 30 minutes or so, the baby villager should transform into an adult villager ready to be assigned a profession.

You can repeat the process to spawn more village children as long as you have extra beds.

How to Auto-Raise Villagers in Minecraft

It will take time and a lot of effort if you want to build a new town by just raising villagers. If you want to save resources while spawning baby villagers, you can build an automatic villager breeding farm – a baby factory if you can. You will still need two villagers and at least three beds for this process, but it will all be a bit complicated when it comes to execution.

First, you need to include a farmer in the couple’s villager mix and make a garden inside the fishpond. Next, you need to plant one of the necessary crops to induce villagers to spawn. The farmer will then automatically harvest these crops and share them with other villagers when their inventory is full. Therefore; the two villagers will always be ready to breed.

Now for the complicated part. Since you have a limited number of beds and don’t want to add any manually, you need to keep the baby villager out of the spawning room so it doesn’t take up the extra bed, and the next baby villager will have a space to spawn. To do this, you can build a trapdoor in the room that only baby villagers can install. You can connect the hatch to a motorized rail and a minecart to automatically send the baby villager somewhere else – to a trading floor for example. A new baby villager will then appear in the breeder and the whole process will repeat.

Raising villagers in survival mode

Villagers who are not angry are likely to make good offers
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The process of farming villagers in Minecraft Survival Mode is the same as farming villagers in Creative Mode. After trapping two villagers in a room, you need to increase their willpower by adding enough beds and throwing the right food at them. However, you may find survival mode more difficult due to zombies and other hostile mobs in Minecraft that may attack them. To prevent hostile mobs from spawning near your village or spawning area, you can surround it with glow blocks.

Fortunately, zombies cannot attack baby villagers that you transport from your auto-spawner using a minecart.

How to Add a Profession to New Villagers

Baby villagers, when they grow up, have no assigned work until they choose a construction block. To assign a profession to a new villager, you must place a construction block nearby that corresponds to the profession you want them to exercise. There are 13 different villager professions in Minecraft. Idiots and the unemployed are, of course, excluded.

construction block Occupation
Blast furnace Gunsmith
Smoking Butcher
Cartography table Cartographer
Brew Kiosk Cleric
Composter Farmer
Barrel Fisherman
tail table Fletcher
Cauldron leather worker
Lectern Librarian
Stonecutter Stone Mason (Bedrock edition only) / Mason (Java edition only)
Loom Shepherd
Forge table Black-smith
grinding wheel Weaponsmith

Why do you need to raise villagers in Minecraft?

The main reason to farm villagers in Minecraft is so you can trade with them long term. New villagers will take a trade and eventually carry any goods needed for your estate. It’s always a good idea to keep raising and giving professions to your villagers, so you’ll have plenty of options to trade with.

Villagers also die, and you might also want to throw a few out of your trading room. In this case, you will have to replace them with new ones by reproducing them. Finally, breeding will help you reach the necessary number of villagers to automatically spawn iron golems.


This is how you increase the population of your Minecraft villagers by spawning. The process is relatively simple when you know exactly how to get them to mate. If you give it time, you can even create an auto-rancher so you can keep exploring while the villagers keep arriving.

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