Hundreds of farmers demonstrate along the route from La Vuelta to Woudenberg


Several hundred farmers gathered in Woudenberg for a demonstration of Agractie during the second stage of La Vuelta. Tractors, farm vehicles and trucks line the route in a long line and there are many inverted flags, where cyclists will pass around 4 p.m. on Saturday.

The farmers’ action group said on Friday it expected thousands of people and hundreds of tractors at the action area next to the road in Woudenberg. But with the turnout so far, Agractie frontman Bart Kemp says he is “satisfied”. The action is intended to protest against the nitrogen measures that the Cabinet wants to take. There will be no blockade, Kemp said earlier. Shortly before 2 a.m., the cyclists passed the first demonstrations of farmers in Den Bosch without problems, according to the NOS.

As the Tour of Spain is also broadcast abroad, slogans in English can be read, such as “Save the farmer” and “SOS Dutch Farmers”. This last text has also been arranged in hay bales, so that it is visible from the air. Activists want to send a signal internationally and express their concern.

The Vuelta is broadcast in 130 countries and attracts 100 million viewers, the organization points out. It’s “a pity that action is necessary”, but “if necessary, we will simply step things up”, according to the farmer and one of the organizers Wim Veldhuizen.

In a speech, Kemp praised CDA leader and minister Wopke Hoekstra, who said in the AD on Friday that his party no longer necessarily considers it necessary for nitrogen reduction targets to be met already in 2030. , as agreed in the coalition agreement. “Yesterday Wopke Hoekstra was the first out. It took a considerable period of insistence to get him to this point. But the egg was laid and he said clearly: the critical deposit value (kdw) has to be outlawed and we have to start over,” Kemp said.

He thinks that within the coalition, only the D66 still has to change its mind: “I expect the ChristenUnie and the VVD to follow. Wopke did it deliberately and well prepared, and he realizes that it’s in place and he can’t remove it anymore. If the Cabinet collapses, D66 will give way,” said the farmer foreman.

Hoekstra’s statements caused a political outcry. The Tweede Kamer will return from recess on Tuesday for a debate on the matter.


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