Importers are advised to buy soy from local farmers: NFA Head


It takes a process to plant, and the seeds also need to be prepared. However, the movement to plant soybeans was also mandated by President Joko Widodo

Jakarta (ANTARA) – National Food Agency (NFA) Director Arief Prasetyo Adi has advised importers to buy soybeans from local farmers in a bid to bolster national soybean stocks.

In his official statement here on Monday, Adi noted that stocks were being bolstered to create a national food ecosystem and maintain the availability of soybeans.

These efforts are carried out in synergy with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Public Enterprises (SOE), the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Commerce, the public food companies, the Bulog, the private sector. , and associations.

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“In Indonesia, the market already exists because the demand for soybeans, which are processed into tofu and tempeh, is quite high. When soybean prices are good, or even better than overseas, it’s our chance to grow soybeans. It takes a process to plant, and the seeds also need to be prepared. However, the movement to plant soybeans was also mandated by President Joko Widodo,” he remarked.

The NFA chief revealed that farmers’ interest in growing soybeans is still minimal compared to that in planting rice and sugar cane, as farm-level soybean prices are still low. .

Adi had previously noted that the food holding company SOE ID FOOD, through PT Sang Hyang Seri, had started soybean cultivation in PT SHS agricultural zone in Sukamandi, Subang, West Java, since March 2022, in collaboration with scholars from Gadjah Mada University. .

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“Stable soybean prices at the farm level and well-absorbed production results can increase farmers’ interest in growing soybeans and strengthening the national soybean stock,” Adi said.

He said the reference price of soybeans at farmer level is currently around 8,500 rupees per kilogram. Therefore, the NFA, together with the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Agriculture and other stakeholders, will prepare new regulations for reference prices of soybeans at the farmer level.

The NFA is responsible for updating the reference price which is adjusted to the development of production facilities required by farmers and taking into account the world trade situation, as well as ensuring price and market security for the farmers’ products. Through these efforts, Adi is optimistic that farmers would be protected and expand their production, gradually reducing dependence on imported soybeans.

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