KCR will throw a new party by Dasara


Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao will officially announce the launch of a new nationally oriented political party (Bharatiya Rashtra Samithi) during Dasara, according to former Chief Minister of Karnataka HD Kumaraswamy.

Appreciating Telangana’s development model after a three-hour lunch meeting with KCR, the JD(S) leader tweeted that now was the right time to come up with a viable national alternative which should be a combination of regional parties and national parties. fight the BJP. He said his party fully supports the KCR’s efforts to form a national alternative to the BJP. He also welcomed the suggestion made by KCR to incorporate various social welfare programs implemented by the Telangana government in the election manifesto of the JD(S) party. Kumaraswamy, according to the CMO, has shown keen interest in knowing the details of the social protection programs being implemented in Telangana.

We learn that most of the discussions revolved around the strategies to adopt to defeat the BJP during the next roundups. They felt that people were disappointed with BJP and wanted BJP-mukt Bharat.

They felt that the BJP was exploiting the emotional issues and would use them in the upcoming general elections. The Union government, KCR said, was implementing anti-farmer and anti-people policies. He dwelt at length on how the economy was pushed into the crisis and how the prices of all commodities rose. He further explained the recent meeting he had with farmers from different states and how they wanted him to take the lead in the fight against the Modi government at the Centre.

Meanwhile, KCR asked TRS leaders to visit Karnataka, meet with farmers and explain the type of programs the Telangana government was implementing. He asked them to meet with other chapters and explain to them the social welfare programs being implemented and demand that such programs be introduced in Karnataka as well.


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