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Latest news live on May 5: Thousands of farmers are likely to protest across Uttar Pradesh today to demand justice for the victims of the Lakhimpur Kheri violence. A delegation of farmers are also expected to meet the families of farmers who died after an SUV, which belonged to Union Minister Ajay Misra’s son, Ashish Misra, mowed them down on Thursday. Nearly 600 people died in the Russian bombing of the Donetsk Regional Academic Drama Theater in Mariupol, an Associated Press investigation found. According to the report, the Mariupol theater airstrike on March 16 stands out as the deadliest known attack against civilians to date and evidence has been found that the attack was in fact much deadlier than expected, killing nearly 600 people inside and outside the building. Mariupol has taken on outsized importance as a symbol of the devastation inflicted by Russian forces and the resistance of Ukraine. The fate of the city now hangs in the balance, and authorities say around 20,000 civilians died during the Russian siege. Stay tuned to for live updates on top news from India and around the world.Read also – In war-torn Ukraine, firefighters risk their lives to save Cat from a building about to be bombed | WATCH THE VIDEO


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