Limerick minister slams broadcast ‘inaccuracies’


ANY CHANGES to agriculture sector emissions for individual farmers will be entirely voluntary, Minister of State Patrick O’Donovan said, in response to recent claims he says are ‘not accurate’.

“As part of the government’s review of emissions targets for the sectors, as Fine Gael TD I have insisted that individual farmers will be allowed to voluntarily participate in any schemes that will be designed by the Ministry of Agriculture in environmental matters, and that there would be no general conditions.

This was important to me because I believe that, as with previous agri-environment schemes such as REPS, a set of voluntary measures will achieve more,” O’Donovan said in a statement to Farm Leader.

“Another point that I have emphasized is that Ireland continues to be allowed to be a food island, producing high quality, traceable food, instead of shifting food production to less environmentally friendly countries. environment, who in some cases clear huge amounts of forest every day to develop their sectors.

Under this package which we at Fine Gael have insisted on, Ireland will continue to be a world leader in food production, and from a Limerick perspective which includes beef and dairy, without constraint for the farmers”, he continued.

Mr O’Donovan said the Department of Agriculture will now focus on developing packages under agri-environmental schemes which each farmer can review with Teagasc or his agricultural adviser.

This part of the process will also include discussions with agricultural organizations, he said.

“But like some people, never let the truth get in the way of a good story. When you avoid going into government because you may have to make tough choices, that makes cheap opposition seats very I know for some opposition politicians, it suits them, as usual, to portray this plan the way they normally talk about everything. But what is their plan? Where are their proposals?

“How would they fund anything they could actually suggest? I have never heard them come up with a practical, costed proposal on anything since the formation of this government. But I heard a lot of roaring and screaming. The reality is you can’t run a country on a roar and shout diet, and from the many farmers I’ve spoken to over the past fortnight, that’s very clear,” said Mr. O’Donovan.

Regarding claims that the Minister of Agriculture or the Ministry had not engaged in dialogue, Mr O’Donovan said that the Minister had traveled to the country not so long ago to meet farmers.

“Some of the politicians who said he didn’t commit were at those same meetings, and he and the department are talking to major farm organizations continually,” he said.



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