Lumenore Taps Data Analytics Leader Donald Farmer as Strategic Advisor for Global Operations

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Lumenore Taps Data Analytics Leader Donald Farmer as Strategic Advisor for Global Operations

Posted on April 13, 2022

Former Microsoft and Qlik executive, innovative product manager, sought-after speaker and author

Lumenore, a powerful, intuitive and unified business intelligence and analytics platform that provides organizational intelligence by sifting through data from any business application, today announced that Donald Farmer has joined the company as as a strategic advisor. Farmer is globally recognized as a visionary product manager, sought-after speaker, patent holder and author with over 24 years of experience. During his illustrious career, he designed and executed BI and AI strategies for industry bigwigs like Microsoft and Qlik, as well as countless startups and early-stage companies. In his new role, Farmer will advise Lumenore on global product development/product innovation and the GTM approach for global markets.

Donald has a proven track record of success, including leading and being part of transformative global teams, such as helping SQL Server eclipse Oracle as the world’s largest enterprise database to drive product strategy processor at Qlik that helped generate $3.3 billion. acquisition.

“We are honored that Donald has joined Lumenore and is advising us on our product development and go-to-market strategies. He provides strong leadership and his track record in building a strong AI and BI strategy will help Lumenore unlock the potential for innovation for our existing and potential customers and give them a competitive edge in the marketplace,” said Anurag Shrivastava, Founder and CEO of Lumenore.

“The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation across industries and sectors, resulting in even more data than expected, and it has made consumer behavior more difficult to predict. The solution is not to create more dashboards, because dashboards are focused on an individual viewer, but rather to empower organizational intelligence and new forms of organizational decision-making, which are distributed and collaborative. Lumenore provides a seamless experience for the entire team, allowing them to learn from raw data and gain a clear view of their operations,” Shrivastava explained.

“We know all too well that the volume of data in businesses is almost overwhelming. We need to bridge the gap between data and decisions and it is not enough to have a few smart analysts or data scientists. Lumenore has built an organizational intelligence platform developed from a deep understanding of business needs,” Donald Farmer said of his appointment. “I’m impressed that their natural language capabilities aren’t just for cute demonstrations, but enable widespread data literacy and engagement. Likewise, their data discovery and augmented analytics features are truly on point. self-service, but still built on a robust and secure data universe.It’s an impressive approach for companies that have struggled with the rigidities of reporting and the risks of unregulated self-service.

Lumenore is a self-service business intelligence tool that allows users to seamlessly connect to desired data sources and schedule incoming datasets for analysis. It is a cost-effective solution that provides seamless data acquisition, improved accessibility, and a powerful architecture for unparalleled performance. It offers text and voice insights, using natural language queries with Ask Me and automated data discovery with Do You Know to provide faster and easier access to data-driven business recommendations.


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