Madhya Pradesh CM urges farmers to diversify crops and outlines growth rate in the state


Speaking at the inauguration of a workshop on spice cultivation in Buhranpur region, Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan highlighted the importance of cultivating different types of crops in the country and praised his administration for state, saying Madhya Pradesh is setting new records. in the agricultural sector. He further noted that the state recorded a growth of 19.7% and attributed the agriculture sector with the “highest” growth rate among Indian states.

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan said, “Madhya Pradesh is constantly setting new records in agriculture. I am happy to inform you that Madhya Pradesh’s growth rate this year is 19.7%, which is the highest of any state in the country. We have achieved an incredible growth rate even during the era of the COVID-19 pandemic and agriculture contributes the most to this. »

CM Chouhan describes Madhya Pradesh’s achievements in agriculture

CM Shivraj Chouhan further expressed his confidence that Madhya Pradesh, thanks to regions like Buhranpur, will soon attain a name in the spice export market just like the southern states of India. CM Chouhan said: “The spices are exported from our country all over the world. The southern states of India are ahead in this field. But looking at the way the spices are produced in Burhanpur, I am sure that Burhanpur will have a special place in spice export. Further praising the district’s achievements, he added, “Burhanpur district is also known as a cash crop district. Banana is the identity of Burhanpur and it is is known for the production of cotton.

Describing the achievements of Madhya Pradesh, CM Chouhan claimed that the state is the number one wheat producer in the country. Sharing the statistics and praising his government’s contribution in improving irrigation facilities, Shivraj Singh Chouhan said, “In the past, only 7.5 lakh hectares of land was irrigated, but today we irrigate 43 lakh hectares. of land in the state. Today, Madhya Pradesh has reached number one in India in wheat production.”

Quoting Prime Minister Modi and his vision of crop diversification, CM Chouhan added, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi once said, ‘time and again that there is a need to diversify crops, not just traditional crops, the cultivation of fruits, flowers and spices is also necessary.’ Today, the need of the country is for us to grow different varieties of crops. We can also export these crops. The need is to use traditional farming methods differently.

Input: ANI


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