Maha government to double compensation for rain-affected farmers and establish medical college in Ratnagiri


The Maharashtra government on Wednesday decided to double the amount of compensation to which farmers affected by excessive rains in July are entitled.

Chief Minister Eknath Shinde made the announcement here after the first meeting of his expanded cabinet.

“As per current NDRF (National Disaster Response Fund) standards, a farmer receives Rs 6,800 per hectare as compensation. We have decided to double the amount,” he told reporters.

“In addition, previous NDRF standards were applicable for crop damage up to a maximum of two hectares. We have decided to change it to three hectares,” he said.

As many as 15 lakh hectares of farmland has been affected due to heavy rains in Maharashtra this monsoon, the chief minister has said.

The cabinet also approved a proposal to establish a government medical school in Ratnagiri with a capacity of 100 students.

A 430-bed hospital will be set up with the faculty of medicine. The project will incur an initial cost of Rs 500 crore. Opposition Assembly Leader Ajit Pawar said the government’s announcement was not enough to provide relief to rain-hit areas. “The doubling of the amount of compensation is insufficient because the NDRF standards do not cover all affected people. They only cover farmers who have lost their crops. This decision is an eyewash,” said the leader of the Nationalist Congress Party.

Small entrepreneurs, homeowners and traders who suffered losses due to heavy rains should also receive financial assistance, he demanded.

“The (previous) government of Maha Vikas Aghadi gave Rs 15,000 per family and Rs 1.50 lakh to those who lost their homes due to rain,” Pawar said.

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