Managro becomes the largest investor in the marketplace


After bringing Agritask to Colombia, Managro continues its investment plan in the technology industry of the agricultural sector and has just become the largest investor in, a marketplace that allows farmers to connect directly, without intermediaries , with suppliers of inputs, credits, insurance, logistics, technical assistance and buyers for their products.

“Currently, 95% of Colombian farmers are small and medium producers who are generally atomized and disconnected, a situation that prevents them from physically accessing connections and services, which prevents them from growing, increases their production costs up to to 50%, and eventually reduces their income by up to 10 times. This is why our platform is designed to be easy to use and to generate tangible results among small and medium farmers in Colombia and Latin America,” said Ricardo Jaramillo Gaviria, co-founder and CEO of Croper. com

“We are investing in because it is in line with our philosophy and vision to promote the development of the country’s agro-industrial sector by strengthening its competitiveness, as it manages to connect all the actors in the chain, from the ‘farmer to the end buyer. The money invested in the purchase of the platform will, in the near future, be invested in the development of new technologies to improve the user experience and allow more producers to have access to it. and get better benefits from it,” said Chagai Stern, Managing Director of Managro.

“The platform allows farmers and users to find more than 25,000 suppliers of agricultural inputs without intermediaries, to obtain credit to make their purchases and to use an information system that helps them to plan and take better decisions, among others,” Gaviria said.

Farmers can also post their end products and share their stories so domestic and international buyers know the story behind each product.

“We decided that Managro would be our strategic ally because we share the same philosophy regarding the impact we should have on agriculture. We believe that new technologies must be used in a way that helps the sector become more profitable and productive. providing farmers with digital services that were previously unavailable or hard to reach for them and that will now allow us to move from traditional agriculture to innovative agriculture that could eventually attract new generations,” concluded Jaramillo.

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