May Business Update: What’s New in the Poultry World?


Boehringer Ingelheim’s poultry vaccine factory certified as carbon neutral

Boehringer Ingelheim US Animal Health announced that its poultry vaccine site in Gainesville, Georgia has received carbon neutral certification. This is the first of its US sites to earn this designation. The site, which produces nearly 60 billion poultry vaccines each year, is Boehringer Ingelheim’s first major manufacturing site in the United States and its third global site to become carbon neutral.

To achieve carbon neutral status, the site installed solar panels in the parking area, replaced fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs, installed dimmers and presence sensors for lighting, purchased an electric vehicle to circulate on site, installed smart meters to measure electricity consumption, and replaced equipment insulation to reduce heat and energy losses. Additionally, the company has purchased environmental project carbon credits from Climate Seed. Site employees chose to invest in the Noles South Averted Forest Conversion Project in North Carolina and a reforestation project in the Kasigau Corridor in Kenya.

Hubbard introduces REDBRO for the BCC market

Photo: Hubbard

Hubbard has introduced an all new, slower growing breeding female, the Redbro, which is the latest addition to the Hubbard Premium product line and has been specifically developed with the Better Chicken Commitment/European Chicken Commitment (BCC/ECC) and the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) in mind. The first broilers are now on the market.

Compared at the same body weight to Hubbard JA787, the offspring of the Hubbard Redbro breeding female mated with a Hubbard Conventional breeding male have similar animal welfare outcomes, approximately 8% faster growth rate, yield in breast meat 0.4% higher, with 9 points of better feed conversion. The Hubbard Redbro is accredited by ECC/BCC in Europe, GAP/BCC in North America and Red Tractor Enhanced Welfare in the UK.

Perstorp to be acquired by Petronas

Specialty chemicals company, Perstorp Group, is to be acquired by Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad. The acquisition values ​​Perstorp Group at an enterprise value of €2.3 million.

FRAmelco BV becomes Adisseo NL BV

In December 2020, the FRAnklin group (FRAmelco, Sustainable Nutrition, FRAnklin Asia) was acquired by the company Bluestar Adisseo. With its integration into the Adisseo family, an official name change from FRAmelco BV to Adisseo NL BV will take place on September 1, 2022.

Layn Natural Ingredients Introduces TruGro EQ for Diapers

Photo: Laryn’s Natural Ingredients

Layn Natural Ingredients has introduced TruGro EQ, a standardized feed additive rich in polyphenols and catechins, a botanical extract from green tea, specifically designed for egg producers to meet the needs of laying hens. The company claims that polyphenol-rich botanical extracts are powerful metabolic antioxidants traditionally used in human and animal nutrition, with a large and growing body of research supporting the use of functional botanical extracts rich in key polyphenols to support increased productivity. and improved metabolic performance in laying hens.

Nutreco calls on young academics to participate in the Young Researchers Award

Applications for the 2022 Nutreco Young Researchers Prize are now open to all doctoral and post-doctoral students in their first and second year of study working in the fields of animal nutrition, animal husbandry, aquaculture and research. in veterinary science. The prize challenges young academics from around the world to showcase their innovative solutions for sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices, with 3 winners receiving a total of €25,000 in prize money to further their research.

Submissions will be judged on their ability to address at least one of the following challenges facing the industry: new ingredients, antimicrobial resistance, and greenhouse gas reduction.

Micro-learning about pet food safety hazards by GMP+ Academy

Photo: GMP+ Academy

Partners in the Collective Knowledge Program have developed a series of micro-learning modules on the culture of feed safety. The 2nd microlearning focuses on feed safety risks and is now available at the GMP+ Academy. Each micro-learning module shares basic animal feed knowledge and lasts approximately 10 minutes, aiming to inspire anyone working in the animal feed industry to consider feed safety and contribute feed safety cultures of their organizations through various exercises, cases and examples. .

Adisseo & Entobel join forces on alternative insect proteins

Adisseo and Entobel have initiated an R&D collaboration to better understand and improve insect rearing performance and nutritional needs of the Black Soldier Fly. They will focus on the performance of the insects and the quality of this protein meal, focusing on how to control the ingredients used to feed the insects, and their complementarities with the most important food additives, such as methionine and enzymes.


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