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ALBANY, NY – Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy delivered his county state address, his eleventh address since being elected and second since the COVID-19 pandemic began. He presented his plan which outlines the challenges that remain as COVID-19 subsides. The address includes new policy initiatives that address mental health and addictions issues, child care access and affordability, economic development and recovery efforts, services to victims of crime, renewable energy projects and much more.

“COVID-19 has forced us to make difficult decisions in order to save lives and protect our loved ones. We will never forget those we have lost to COVID complications, but Albany County’s efforts to widely distribute vaccines and test kits throughout the community over the past year have helped prevent many more deaths and we now have the virus under control and can prioritize our recovery. This is where the work begins, as many of the issues we now need to address were created or compounded by the pandemic, economic shutdown and the lingering effects of people isolating themselves in their homes,” McCoy said in a statement. Press.

“Mental health has been strained, annual opioid overdose deaths in Albany County have increased by more than 77% between 2019 and 2021, and there has been an alarming increase in suicide attempts among teenage girls,” he added. “Furthermore, inflation continues to strain the wallets of our residents, as necessities like child care become increasingly out of reach, and the pandemic continues to shine a light on severe health and financial inequities. that still exist in this country.

“That’s why I’m proposing a new task force of community leaders and stakeholders to develop a roadmap for mental health education for our children. We will also build a facility in the former county retirement home tower to provide affordable child care for our staff and others. Beyond that, I continue to prioritize the county’s economic development on a series of projects – including universal broadband – that will ensure that economic opportunity and greater prosperity will be felt throughout the county.

The daycare McCoy announced will be located on the first floor of the tower on the Shaker Place Rehabilitation and Nursing Center campus, and will be made possible through a collaboration with the Colonie Youth Center. The state-of-the-art facility is slated to open in early 2023 and will prioritize services for Shaker Place staff, but also for other county employees based on availability, with a sliding scale for payment rates to to ensure affordability.

“One of the most devastating impacts of the pandemic has been the isolation residents have had to endure, especially our children who are at key stages of social and mental development. In order to support healthy activities and social interactions, we are already in the process of radically revamping our county recreation department for people of all ages, including our seniors. For our kids, we will expand our programming beyond traditional sports and begin offering programming in esports, STEM, music, theater and more,” McCoy remarked.

“The COVID crisis and isolation meant the need to help victims of crime and sexual violence was greater than ever. Children weren’t at school to report the abuse, and many victims feared making phone calls while their abuser was home with them. As a result, I have instructed county staff to rehabilitate a property so that advocates for victims of crime can have a comfortable private setting in which to converse and converse,” McCoy noted.

Additionally, McCoy announced that through the partnership with MVP Health Care and the previously announced Innovation Fund, valued at $21 million over the life of the agreement, Albany County will build a new ” Fitness Court” at the Slingerlands trailhead in the coming months. not only offer free outdoor exercise equipment for trail visitors, but also have open space for various fitness classes including yoga and zumba. Albany County will also work with MVP Health Care to host farmers markets, job fairs, and workforce development groups at MVP Arena, which will help kick-start the economy and improve the quality of life in the region.

During the State of the County Address, McCoy outlined a number of other economic development initiatives that Albany County has been deeply involved in through a partnership with the Advance Albany County Alliance LDC. He highlighted county investments that led to the arrival of Plug Power at Vista Park in Bethlehem, a green energy company that by 2026 will create 2,300 jobs in Albany County and be innovating very soon. . Additionally, after prevailing in court and approving a qualified bidder, the County Executive unveiled renderings of the new Central Warehouse created by Redburn and Columbia Developments to transform the devastated horror on the Albany skyline.

To address the education equity issue related to high-speed Internet, McCoy provided an update on the Albany County Connect project, which will include a study of all broadband access in the county, to include both geographic access and affordable access. The study will be conducted by two industry leaders, Insight and Tilson, in coordination with New York State’s ConnectALL initiative.

Additionally, McCoy has committed to converting Albany County’s passenger vehicle fleet to zero-emission vehicles over the next five years. Beyond that, carbon-producing medium and heavy-duty vehicles will be phased out over the next ten and fifteen years, respectively. He also announced that over the next three months, Albany County will install twenty new electric vehicle charging ports throughout the county to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles for local residents and tourists. Albany County is also working with NYSERDA to ensure that new highway garages are the greenest in New York State.


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