Microgreen Directory is the easiest place to find fresh, local produce year-round, and most farms deliver


SALT LAKE CITY – Microgreen Directory is a new website recently launched in February 2022. The goal of the directory is to connect people looking for fresh produce, especially microgreens, with their own microgreen farm. local greens. People want fresh local produce, farmers are trying to start a business selling local produce. They focus on microgreens due to their short shelf life, their post-harvest shelf life is a few days. They cannot be stored and shipped as adult products. Microgreens can only be found fresh straight from the farm and as a bonus, they are available all year round.

Microgreen Directory makes it easy to support local businesses. Customers wonder how to support the local; Microgreen Directory is the first step. They can find a local micro-farm, support a local business, and improve their health. Buying local allows customers to keep hard-earned cash in their town and helps put a meal on a neighbor’s table. “Local support” has become a phrase when it comes to action, their neighbors need their support, not a hashtag. The Microgreen Directory is something anyone can do right now to find their local microgreen farm and make a difference.

How it works. On the home page of our website, potential customers enter their postal code and start the search. A list of local micro-farms in their area will appear. They then click on the top profile and will be able to find out more about that farm, including a “send a message” button and a direct link to their website. Compare farms and when they’re ready, they can contact their favorite farm and ask them about buying microgreens. All payments are made through each individual farm.

Joining Microgreen Directory is free and easy, setup takes less than five minutes. The goal of Microgreen Directories is to have every micro farm on their map and in their search results. The owners of Microgreen Directory know the difficulty of finding customers because they are farmers themselves. Microgreen Directory also has helpful content on their blog, including tips on buying microgreens, recipes, and the best places to buy microgreens by state, where they interview farms and help customers find their farmer and where the microgreens come from.


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